Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Sewing Project: Toddler Apron

I've been wanting to sew something for awhile now but the idea of pulling out my sewing machine and ironing board and setting everything up seemed like too much trouble.

I tend to lose track of time when I sew, which is not a good idea when I have little ones to watch.

But today seemed like a perfect, slow day to pull out my stuff and choose a project. Ian said he'd take over all Matthew's care so I could relax and enjoy myself.

I love that man.

My initial plan was to make a diaper wipe case thing that has a pocket for a few diapers and a pocket for the wipes. But once I got into my tote full of fabrics, I decided to make Jordan an apron instead.

I love aprons. Julie and I have each have a gorgeous apron from The Hip Hostess and we feel like we're all that when we wear them. I thought Jordan would enjoy having one for herself so she can be like us in the kitchen.

This is the fabric I chose:

Sew pretty. (Haha...see what I did there?)

Oh, I guess I should warn you... if you sew extremely well, you might just keel over and die at how I do things. Just love me anyway.

I had an old apron that Sam and Julie used to wear way back in the day that is all stained and grody now. I pressed it and used it as my pattern.

Don't groan. It worked.

I pinned the apron to my fabric and cut around it, leaving enough to hem.

Then I cut four pieces to make into the ties. Two for her waist, two for her neck.

I think the waist ties were 20 inches and the neck ties were 12 inches. But I could be mistaken. I'm very hungry right now and my focus on my belly.

I folded each strap in half, pressed it, then opened it.

Each side was folded into the centre point and pressed again.

And press...

And then folded, pinned together and sewn closed.

I set those aside and then hemmed all around the apron part.

Sew, sew, sew...


Jordan is a happy gal.

There are some small imperfections but I'm pleased with it. I know what to do better or differently next time.

Usually when I sew something, all I see are the mistakes. I've made the decision to try new things and to be ok if they don't turn out perfectly. I admire other people's baking/cooking/sewing skills and have spent so much time trying to be like those people, and I just end up feeling like a failure.

So done with that!

I've made the decision to try new things, and to be ok if they don't turn out. I need to stop being jealous of the skills of others, and enjoy the gifts and skills that God gave me.

And that's how things are going to roll around here from now on.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE this....I sooo want to learn to sew and this looks like a project I could handle someday!! Great job!!

  2. it's sew cute kate! good job!

    i think it would be a fun project for emme..

  3. Melissa K.9:55 a.m.

    Your design inspired me to make a couple for my twin girls. I appreciated its simplicity! :)