Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Post Where I Seem To Complain A Lot

Thank you to everyone who participated in Five Question Friday this week, usually hosted by Mama M at My Little Life. I loved helping out and being able to check out some great new blogs in the process.

One thing I must apologize for. I have a right-click disable feature on my blog to protect any pictures and content that I post here. Which means, anyone who wanted to cut and paste this week's questions onto their blog wasn't able to, and had to write them out instead. I completely forgot about that until someone brought it to my attention.

I'm sorry :(

Other than that, I think it all went well!

Ian and Sam will be returning home from the Jr High retreat later this afternoon. Ian always stays in touch with me when he's away, and he sent me a few pictures and reports of the fun they were having. Apparently Sam took a cross country skiing lesson yesterday. I can't wait to hear about that.

The girls, Matt and I have managed well in their absence. Friday night I cooked the girls' favourite pasta for dinner. I saw the "recipe" in a magazine and wanted to try it. It's a jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce with Philadelphia cream cheese melted and mixed into it, served over penne. SO GOOD. Julie made her amazing s'mores for us for dessert and we put on our pjs and watched Frenemies on the family channel.

Saturday morning I woke up to Jordan's coughing. She had climbed into bed with me at some point during the night and I let her stay. I knew from the first cough that it was croup, and she had that really heavy, raspy breathing. Stridor I think it's called. She was so panicked and was grabbing my hands and my shirt, coughing and crying and gasping for air. I took her into the bathroom and ran the shower on hot for as long as we could stand it. Afterwards, I tucked her in my bed until Julie woke up. I asked her to watch Matthew and then brought Jordan in the bathroom again to run another shower. We stayed longer this time and it seemed to help immensely.

Jordan had croup when she was just a year old, and the gasping for air part scared me like crazy, and I called 911. She spent the night in the ER on breathing treatments and sent home. I felt pretty helpless yesterday, wondering how "normal" this was and when did the air gasping part become an emergency. I called my mom - who was a nurse before retiring - and filled her in, and she said I could call her anytime during the night if something happened and would come right over. I'm so thankful that she had a very easy night.

Last night we had Mac & Cheese, made stuffed bunnies and ate more s'mores before bed. Matthew was up constantly during the night and I missed having Ian with me to help. I put Matt to bed and get up with him anytime up to 3:30am. After that Ian gets up. He wouldn't go to sleep until after 10pm and then was waking at 1, 2:30, 3:30, 4:45, 5:30, 6:15....

This morning the children had chocolate cake for breakfast because I didn't feel well enough to make them anything healthier. My head is killing me, I'm extremely nauseated and I'm exhausted.

Between Jordan's croup, Matthew's repeated waking and the constant fighting between the girls for the last two days... I am beyond ready for Ian to be home. It has not been an easy weekend.

The children have a PA day tomorrow. That kills me. They just had two weeks off, return for one week, then get a day off. I don't understand it. I'm sure Sam will appreciate the day to recuperate from the retreat.

It's now naptime and I have two little people to get to bed, and a mountain of laundry to fold. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! :-)



  1. Yuck! PB wakes up like that EVERY night. Has since birth. Seriously - it's like clockwork. Ugh! And we just got over croup - our doc told us to stand the kids in front of the open freezer or take them outside in the shocking cold - the cold air reduces the swelling in their windpipe and acts faster than warm air to soothe the coughing and gasping for air :o) Miss ya bud! Hang in there <3

  2. Aw, you don't really come across as complaining. Although I am laughing because usually you say you're not ready for your peeps to be back in school and would rather they be at home with you, but instead you're saying "off to school with the both of you!"