Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Already??

I don't know how that happened.

Well I do, actually. It's been a very busy week.

Monday we had a real estate agent over to discuss our plans to sell. He was here for about two and a half hours and answered every single question we had. I feel much more at ease. He's even going to take us through a couple of rental properties so I can see what's out there.

Tuesday was my sweet Julie's 11th birthday. Ian had blown up balloons the night before and covered her bedroom floor for her to see when she woke up in the morning, then he made her cinnamon rolls for breakfast. For her birthday dinner, she asked for ham, mashed potatoes, corn, dressing and gravy, with a marble birthday cake for dessert. I was watching her opening the rest of her gifts and couldn't believe how quickly the last 11 years have gone by. I love her so much, and I'm so proud of her. She has always been a lovely girl, but she's turning into this beautiful young woman. So thankful she's ours.

Ian was very sick on Tuesday. He had this crushing weight on his chest and a wicked cough and headache. He stayed in bed most of the day. I was getting pretty worried about him because he doesn't often get this sick. He was better yesterday but then it hit him again today. If he's still this sick tomorrow I think I'll take him to the doctor. Which he'll hate, but I'm worried.

Wednesday morning was my bible study and since Ian seemed to be better, I left the littles at home with him. Good thing I did since there wasn't any child care this week. In the afternoon, Matthew and I went to his playgroup and then my sweet Mama came for dinner. I cooked a roast in the crock pot, mashed potatoes and carrots, with a vanilla birthday cake for dessert. We were celebrating both Julie and Jordan's birthdays.

Today was Jordan's 4th birthday. She also woke up to balloons all over her bedroom floor. She wanted Sam and Julie to stay home from school to hang out with her today so.... we let them. She asked for chocolate cupcakes for her birthday cake so I baked those for her. She also wanted ham, mashed potatoes and corn for her birthday dinner, just like Julie. I had some ham left over from Tuesday, so I put that out as well as roasted chicken for the rest of us. Once she ate her cupcake she opened her gifts and I was very teary watching her. Where have the last four years gone? Such a precious little girl.

Julie is having a sleepover birthday party on Saturday, so if you all could pray for my sanity I'd appreciate it. I'm not sure what the total guest count is at this point but does it matter? I'll be crazy by morning. Tomorrow I need to bake three dozen sugar cookies for them to decorate, as well as bake her birthday cake.

Yes. Another cake. Which will bring this cake baking business to a grand total of four this week. I always bake the girls their own cakes for their special days, then one for the family celebration.

My sincerest thanks to Walmart for having cake mixes and icing on sale for $1 each this week.

I think that's about it. More packing this weekend, church and hopefully I'll get over to my mom's to visit.

I've started reading The Hunger Games with all this free time I have (that was sarcasm in case you missed it) and I'm just not feeling it. I'm not surprised... I didn't get the Harry Potter or Twilight hype either.

That's enough rambling.

Over and out.


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  1. Happy Birthday to each of your girls!

    And you'll survive the sleepover. I did. I was exhausted afterwards, but I got through it. Oh but please tell me Ian will be at home, otherwise... well, just tell me Ian will be at home!