Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week At A Glance

I've been truly enjoying the wonderful weather we've had this past week. Last night I was out talking with our new neighbours for a couple of hours while all of our kids played together. Any friends I had in my neighbourhood have long moved on, and it feels so good to have a friend here again.

Jordan and the new little girl across the street are practically besties already. And their birthdays are only a day apart. So cute.

Sam has spent more time outside this week than he ever did last summer.

I started feeling a little bitter this morning - I've prayed for new friends for the children, for me... and now they're here and we're leaving! What's up with that, God?? But I know He's prodding us to move for a reason, and I trust that wherever we end up, He's got everything worked out already. So, I'll enjoy things as they are for now.

Here's a glimpse of what's been going this week.

Packing has begun at our place. We are really doing this, full speed ahead.

Ian had the hardest time trying to get Matthew into this sleeper for bed. It had all sorts of snaps that criss crossed and folded over and whatnot. He kept muttering, "what's up with this sleeper voodoo business?"

Turns out he put it on backwards. Bless.

I gave in to peer pressure and started playing DrawSomething on my iPhone. I think that's what it's called, anyway. Not being one to read instructions, I jumped right in. I stared at this picture for about 20 minutes trying to figure out what my friend drew before I read the instructions. Oops.

Matthew's had a touch of croup this week, and we've been spending a lot of time together in the bathroom, running the hot shower. Here he is, comfortably sleeping. Finally.

The next morning, Jordan wanted to play with Matthew, so I lifted her into the crib with him, much to his delight.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Get in mah belly!

We switched cable/telephone/internet providers yesterday and that will save us over $100 a month while giving us more stuff that I don't understand but is very exciting to Ian and Sam. All I know is I can't find my shows and I can't operate this darn thing. Ian has given me two "tutorials" but I can't absorb anything. Really, I just want him to set up all the channels I watch and "favourite" them so I only have to push one button.

So far... not a fan. Change blows. I hate change even more than I hate sharing.

Occasionally I play Family Feud on my iPhone. My friend sent me a Fast Money round request. If my score bumped us up to 200 or more, she'd win $1,000.


And there you have it, my week at a glance.


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  1. I have played for two days, but have not found friends