Thursday, October 02, 2008

Busy Times

The last couple of days have passed in a complete blur!

I don't know what happened to me on Wednesday morning - or any Wednesday morning, for that matter! - but we were off to a late start. I was racing to get the children dressed and homework packed up for school, beds made, teeth and hair brushed, Jordan dressed, dry my hair, etc, etc. We left for school late and even though I drove Andretti-style, the children were late. Not noteworthy in itself, except that they have NEVER been late to school the entire time they've been going. Now there it was... a big fat black mark! UGH!

Since no one was in the kiss-n-ride, I drove into the bus lane to drop them off. Yep, I'm a rebel. I roll like that.

Afterwards Jordan and I headed to the church for the Ladies Coffee Hour and I was pleased to see that we were back to our usual number of women. Last week we had twice as many ladies come, and as wonderful as that is, it makes it hard for everyone to be heard or to share. Lots of great discussion and prayer time.

I managed a short talk with my friend Jen V, then and even shorter talk/meeting with the Associate Pastor and I was off to pick up the children from school as it was an early release day for them.

Does anyone remember having Early Release Days back in the day? Because I don't! I just remember going to school all day, every day. Maybe even Saturdays. Ok, not Saturdays but you get my drift.

We met up with Ian for lunch, filled the gas tank ($73.00!! Oh well, Sam doesn't really need to go to college, does he??) and then headed back home.

In the evening I went to my regular small group and it was so, so, so wonderful to be back with my friends. I can't remember the name of the study we'll be doing but it's something about change. I HATE change of any kind, so this might be very helpful for me.

I asked for prayer for an issue that I am struggling with right now and my friends prayed so lovingly for resolution. I am grateful for their prayer support. I won't go into the issue tonight because I am short on time, but I will in the next day or two, and would appreciate it if you could join me in prayer.

Today Jordan had her 6th month check up and shots. My regular doctor was supposed to be off until the end of October but I found out AFTER Jordan's appointment that he is back full time already. UGH. If only I'd checked before.

We had Dr M today. I asked a couple of people who know him and have gone to him and they both recommended him highly. Personally, I would not recommend him to anyone. He criticized just about every aspect of my parenting, and had Jordan been my first child I would have been really upset.

It all started when we checked in, and the girl advised me that Dr M had a resident working with him today. I said that would be fine, but I would prefer Dr M do Jordan's injections. Well, somehow that got lost in translation because after he entered his office, greeted us and sat down, his first question was "May I ask why you have a problem with my resident being present?" I explained that I had no problem with the resident being present, my request was that he do the injection himself.

He checked her all over, asked key developmental questions and pronounced her perfect. She now weighs 18 lbs, 1 oz and is 67.5 cm long.

Perfect? BRILLIANT is what I say!

It went downhill from there.

Apparently, the fact that Jordan sleeps in our room has now trained her so that now she will never learn to sleep on her own. I wanted to say "oh really? and what about those who co-sleep? I don't think 15 year olds still sleep with their mommies!" I was told that if space was an issue then she should be moved into the living room or dining room. Yep, thanks Dr M...I'll get right on that.

I shouldn't be giving her juice at all. It has no nutritional value whatsoever and will cause tooth decay. I am better off giving her pureed fruits instead. I shouldn't be giving her meats until after 9 months, and by doing it now (I started on Monday!) I am tampering with her digestive system and will cause damage.

UGH. He went on and on and ON. Then all of a sudden he closed her file and stood up and said her next appointment would be at 9 months and the next shots at 13 months. I asked if they were the "controversial shots" and he said "Look... you had them, I had them, your other kids had them....and we all lived!" and was out the door!


Again, if Jordan was my first baby I would have been very upset. However, she is not, and my other two ate cereal at 4 months, veggies/fruit at 5 months and on meat by 6 months and they are the healthiest kids ever. Yep... they drank juice too.

Tonight was my first night with the Girls Club. I was a little nervous but mostly excited. It was chaos at first! Lots of young girls and leaders in training squealing and reconnecting. I played the role of observer for the most part and will continue to do so, while looking for my niche at the same time. *K*, one of the other leaders, has been so incredibly welcoming to me and that makes me feel so good.

The theme until Christmas is truth, and we had a teaching time and a video, then went downstairs to make ice cream sundaes. Nothing like sugaring up the little girls then sending them home to their mothers!

Oh wait a sec... I took home one of the sugared up little girls!

I enjoyed my time with them tonight. I think I connected with a couple of them and Jules made a new friend. All is well.

I'm getting more and more excited about our weekend at the indoor waterpark! And not only that... but we are going to cross over into the US first to go to a REAL WAL-MART!!! Oh yes, my friends. It's true. I'm going to buy a bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Yep. That's going to be my exciting purchase. Can't buy it here.

Oh my, I am done. Off to bed!


  1. Wow! Your doctor is a piece of work! Too bad it's so hard to find doctors these days.

    I'm praying for you with your issue, whatever it may be. Lots of hugs sweetie.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your first Girl's Club meeting. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Oh boy, that doctor sounds like a bit of a dolt! Good thing you have the experience to take it all with a grain of salt....goodness! Of course she's brilliant - and perfectly healthy!

    Have a fantastic weekend, US Wal-Mart and all. ;)