Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lazy Blogger

I've been pretty lazy about blogging this week and I have been ordered to update. So.. here I am. :-)

Monday Mom and I went to visit a friend of hers at the hospital. She had a stroke a couple of months ago and is so lonely. So, we packed up Jordan and headed off to visit her. I was really glad to see her, and to see that she was better than I had thought.

In the evening I met up with Cindy for our weekly Frosty. (I've been walking each morning so it's all good) Lots of laughter there.

Yesterday Mom and I headed out to the mall to start her Christmas shopping and to have lunch. Yesterday was Diwali and so for the second year we went to lunch together. Not that we celebrate Diwali, but any reason to celebrate and we're there.

Last night I served this. The recall is over so hopefully its safe.

I earned 20 airmiles at A&P for this purchase. I hope we don't get listeria.

The children and I did a Hallowe'en craft together after school. We made lanterns.


I made the pirate, Sam made the Frankenstein and Julie made the witch. If you want your child to spill their secrets, do a craft together! They talked and talked.

Oh, in case you were wondering how Julie is making out with the boy at school (please...pardon the pun...) all is going well, much to my dismay. He knows she is alive and...gasp...they have spoken!!! Apparently he is all she can think about.


Here is Jordan, hanging out in her crib while we created.

Everywhere I go people compliment me on my "beautiful little boy".


I bought this shirt for Jordan when we were in the states last month and put it on her today. I would have put it on her yesterday had I known we were going to the mall. One man actually said "he's a mighty fine lookin' feller, oh yes he is", as she sat in her pink stroller, wearing her pink shirt with the ruffled collar and bow.


She wore this today and no one at the doctor's office called her a boy! HA!

Why was I at the doctor, you are wondering? Well, I will tell you.

Sam has been having some trouble with his left ear, and says it sounds like its full of static or "whooshing". Sometimes he says it sounds like a drum beat, over and over. I made an appointment to see Dr A today and he seemed rather nice. I'm not sure that his advice is the soundest, but we have another appointment with our regular doctor on Tuesday so we'll see what he says.

Tomorrow is our Hallowe'en party at Girls Club. I'm so excited. And then Friday is...Hallowe'en!!! We're carving pumpkins after school, having pizza for dinner, then we're off trick-or-treating. Lots of fun.

I saw this commercial today and it hurts my heart so much.

The date on this clip is for February, but its going on right now. If everyone were to donate the $2.00 .... wow... what a difference that could make.

I would like to see The Haunting of Molly Hartley. I think I will go with Cindy because she likes it when I scream at movies. It makes her laugh.

Today gas is 94.4 cents so I filled up for $58.00. Last time I filled up at $1.34 and it cost me $75.00. Ew. Why is it that no one is regulating the gas prices???

I am loving 90210. Last night's episode has me really excited for next week. I won't go into details on the off chance that someone hasn't seen it yet. :-) VERY EXCITING.

Jordan slept through the night last night. YES! Of course she was then so rested that she wouldn't nap while I was at Coffee Hour this morning, choosing instead to chatter away.

Well, that's it for me. I'm sure I missed lots of things, but I just don't have the energy to write anything more.

Over and out.

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  1. My goodness, how on earth could someone mistake that beautiful child for a BOY?! I'm shocked.