Friday, October 03, 2008

It's A Kiss-n-Ride...Not A Kiss-n-PARK!

Remember my idea about volunteering for kiss-n-ride duty at the children's school and the image of me in a brightly coloured vest with a big "X" on it, wielding my walkie-talkie, maintaining order?

I think I need to make it a reality!

This morning when I arrived at the school to drop the children off there wasn't anyone on duty, even though the bell hadn't rung yet. A long line of cars were backed up right on to the street. Why you ask? Because some dude was PARKED in the drive through lane and was nowhere to be found. People were honking and backing up or driving over the curb trying to get out of the lane. Talk about chaos. I felt myself getting so crusty too. What is so hard about the concept of DRIVING THROUGH?

For the love of pete.

I think I should make up a note on a brightly coloured sheet of paper with a note on it about not parking in the drive though lane like some kind of oblivious ignoramus, then stick it to their windshield with a honkin' big piece of duct tape. I can keep several copies in my glove compartment for occasions such as these.

Oh my gosh. I'm going to do it.

I will be stealthlike in my task... no one will see me, just my note... all will wonder who this person is who is ridding the kiss-n-ride of all forms of ignorance.

I think once I have a solid night's sleep the lunacy of this idea will hit me. But right now... it rocks.


  1. The note idea is good, but...

    I want to see you out there in an orange vest, keeping order and flow for the morning drop offs! Plus, just imagine all the blog fodder you'd gather there. :D

  2. You would be the best Kiss-n-ride dudette EVER!