Saturday, October 25, 2008

So Not Ready For This

It's starting already.


Julie is only 7 and the boys have started calling. She spoke to one of them the other day after school for twenty minutes before I found out it was a boy calling. Yikes.

Yesterday she came home from school all aflutter because of a boy named Jacob. He's in the third grade and "sooooo cute!"

But here's my favourite part. She then said "I just don't know what to say to him...whenever I see him I just freeze up!"

Oh the drama! Can't you just imagine me rolling my eyes?

She has always been interested in boys, and the boys interested in her. Oh the stories I could tell...but I have been sworn to secrecy. I've told her that there would be a time for boys but now is not that time. She needs to focus on her schoolwork. She can date when she gets to highschool.

Oh Lord help me what that time rolls around. She's already all legs and blonde hair and huge blue eyes... what will she be like in another 7 years??

Oh I just can't go there.

I asked her to please stop giving her number to the boys at school and to redirect her attention to her schoolwork. I know she will do what she wants to do, because that's how she rolls.

Where's my happy place? I need my happy place...


  1. Calgon, take Kate away!

    I really hope that SweetiePie doesn't start with boys at that age!

  2. You and me both kiddo....I'm right there with you. Heaven help us both!!