Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hallowe'en Party

I have to say... I love being a part of the girls club at the church. I am so thankful that God has called me to this ministry.

We had our Hallowe'en party tonight. I am not a fan of dressing up, nor do I appreciate it when someone who is in costume, with their faces covered, comes up and ask me "guess who??" I don't like that at all. For me, Hallowe'en is all about the kids.

Ian encouraged me to dress up, going so far as to dig out my costume. I went as a pumpkin. It's an inflatable costume and has a fan that runs air inside it to keep it inflated. Julie went as an angel and looked so beautiful.

While Julie and I were stopped at a red light on the way to the church, there were a couple of guys in a van next to us. They did a double take when they saw me and then kept trying to get my attention, gesturing for me to roll down my window. Honestly. I guess they really like pumpkins or something.

Ok...truth is, they sensed my incredibly high hotness factor even though it was hidden inside a pumpkin.

As soon as the girls saw me, they all came running towards me to hug me. They were so excited that I had arrived and loved my costume.

During the teaching time, "K" pulled out a pumpkin and talked about how we are all like a pumpkin, dirty and full of yucky stuff. But if we allow it, God will clean out the yucky stuff and give us a new life, and put His light in us to shine for the world to see. The girls really responded to this and that spurred on a great conversation on how we can show God's love to one another.

We have on average about 20 girls that come and we have two new girls who will be signing up next week. Very exciting. I have made connections with all of them but one or two. They are really opening up to me and responding to me.

They like me! They really like me!!

After playing a few games we had fruit and dip and then sent everyone off with their parents. Our time together went by so quickly. Too quickly. I can't wait to see them next week.

This pumpkin is pooped!


  1. It is so rewarding to work with kids. We did Awana at my church in California and we are planning to do it here in Arizona as soon as our church moves into a building. I really enjoy working with them.

    As I see their honesty, their transparency and their hunger to learn, I can see why Jesus told us to come to Him as a child.

    We have our Hallelujah Party tomorrow night (God's All Stars). It's a sports theme. My daughter wants to go as a baseball player.

    It should be really fun.

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


  2. Well of course they like you! :)

    I am so glad you are enjoying this. God was certainly right to point you in this direction (like He is ever wrong mind you....).

    and LOL at the guys in the car!!!