Monday, October 06, 2008

GREAT Weekend!

What a great weekend!

This is going to be a long entry, so grab something to drink and get comfy.

Friday night was Family Night at our place as per our usual schedule. However, I am drawing a complete blank as to what movie we watched. Apparently it wasn't that great because no one else remembers either.

Oh wait...Julie just remembered. We watched Kung Fu Panda and ate pizza.

Saturday we headed off to the Americana Resort and Spa for an overnight. Packing for one night away should have been fairly easy.... One bag for me, one for Ian, one for Sam, one for Julie...two for Jordan, plus the pack-and-play, plus a laundry basket filled with baby toys and paraphernalia... The van was full.

We left the house later than we planned and after a quick stop at Tim's for my beloved steeped tea and Country Style for donuts (yes...we are not brand loyal!) we were off.

I drove all the way to the border and my intent was to pull off at some point to switch with Ian so he could do all the talking through customs. As we drove along I thought that was pretty lame on my part, so I decided that *I* would do all the talking since I always have something to say.

Ha ha. Right about now, those who know me are saying "man, she's got that right". Please know I am sticking my tongue out at you in reply.

Traffic was stopped on the bridge so we waited. I hate that....just sitting on the bridge like that. All sorts of scenarios go through my mind. What if the bridge collapses? How will we get the children out? Who will grab which children? What about my purse? What if for some reason the doors won't open? How long until the car fills with water?

I refuse to sit over those expansion joint things, just in case...

Yes... I had a lot of time to think about this. I guess I could have spent it better. But I watch a lot of tv and read a lot of news. This is my only defense.

Here are the kids as we waited. They were all set up with their pillows, blankets, etc.

What is it with kids and that hand sign? I am forever saying "no gang signs!" when I take pictures of them.

This is our view as we sat on the bridge.




Crossing into the US...

I ended up switching with Ian after all while we waited. I knew that when the customs officer asked what our purpose was for crossing into the US I would be honest and tell him "shopping!" I am honest like that.

Just an interesting observation on Ian's part... if there was a car with a couple in it, the male was always the one driving. I couldn't find a single car with a couple in it with the woman driving. And believe me, I had a lot of time to look.

Ian had MapQuest-ed three different Wal-Marts so we'd know where we were going. The first one we went to (oh come ON... you knew I'd go to more than ONE!) was like the American version of the one we live near. We'd been there before so we didn't even get out of the car. The next one was better. I bought a few things for Jordan, a book for me and an Iron Man shirt for Ian. I am obsessed with his superhero shirt collection. I bought him a Superman shirt last Christmas, he has two Dark Knights, a regular Batman and a Spiderman. So... he needed an Iron Man. The kids bought some Pokemon toys and Ian bought gifts for his friend for his birthday. And snacks. Man did he buy snacks. It's not fair how he can eat crap all the time and stay so slim. I, however, just have to THINK about a cookie and I put on weight.


Yes, I found my beloved Downy Wrinkle releaser and bought two bottles. Do you know what else I found that just sent me into total happiness??

Hawaiian Punch!! I bought a huge jug of it. Can't buy it here in Canada. So not fair.

As many of you know, I meet up with my girlfriends Cindy and Jennifer once a week and we chat over a chocolate M&M frosty. I love those things. Well, while we were in the US I decided to try one to compare it against ours. You an experiment. Yeah... that's what it was...

At first glance it looked the same....

However, upon closer inspection, the M&M pieces appeared to be cut in half, not crushed like at home. -1 point for the Americans. And it wasn't thoroughly mixed together. Make that -2 points. Tsk tsk.

However, I do have to rave about the spoon. It had a really nice rectangular handle to it and it fit very comfortably in my hand during my eating experience. +1 for the Americans!

What kills me is that it was the exact same price as what I pay at home. All in all it was a very tasty time. Special thanks to Ian for making an unplanned detour so I could indulge in my experiment and report back.

All together now....thank you Ian!

This is how close we got to the American side of the Falls. No stopping with Ian behind the wheel! ;-)

On our way back into Canada... the middle...not in the US and not in Canada...oooh...

Much shorter wait time here.

About 10 minutes later we were at the resort. We were so excited!

Here is a quick tour of our room.

The beds...

A nice sitting area with a pull out couch. Julie called dibs on this for bedtime.


We used this work/desk area as Jordan's space and Ian set up her pack-and-play here.

Kitchen... (I ended up forgetting my kettle there!)

Bathroom sink...

Get a load of that tub!

Separate shower...

While Ian and I tried to settle in the children changed into their suits and the "can we go now" started.

Jordan ready to go...

Sam and Jules absolutely love The Suite Life of Zack And Cody and love it when they ride on the luggage cart. So... here they are enroute to the waterpark.

Here is a view of the waterslide area which is Sam's and Ian's favourite...

Kids area which is Julie's favourite...

And the wave pool which is my favourite...

Here is Julie pulling on a cord that causes water to pour down lightly...

Getting wet...

... and completely not expecting the HUGE bucket of water overhead to tip at that very moment!

This is Jordan's speed and she seemed to really like it.

My lovely daughters...

Sam hanging with Jordan...

We headed up to our room just after 8pm and the kids played in that mammoth tub for awhile, while I got Jordan ready for bed. Ian headed out to pick up some dinner shortly after.

One tired little girl!

The next morning Ian jumped out to pick up breakfast and a steeped tea for moi. He ran a bubble bath and apparently I should have kept an eye on it...


That bath was nice.

Once we were all packed we headed back to the waterpark for another day of fun. Ian had a one hour aromatherapy massage. Nice!

Jordan after a swim in the wave pool...

Ian and Sam headed off to do the waterslides for a bit.

Here comes Ian...

Followed by Sam...

The children went on one together...

So happy...

Sam and I played in the wave pool for just over an hour and it was so much fun to just hang out together. He had my full attention and we really enjoyed being together. His humour is so much like mine and we laughed a lot together. We just about drowned when the waves came - too hard to laugh and swim at the same time, I guess.

Once the kids had enough we changed and headed in to the arcade for a bit.

My biggest kid... ;-)

Sam was completely wiped out and ready to go.

I wanted a picture of all the children together but didn't get one the whole time we were there. This is what I got.

I laugh every time I look at this one. Sam and Julie look absolutely exhausted and Jordan looks like she's raring to go!

He fell asleep pretty soon after we headed off...

We stopped for some takeout and just collapsed in the house, bags everywhere.

What a great time together. It always feels so good to get away from every day life every now and then, doesn't it? I really feel as though I've been someplace and I felt like I was in a better frame of mind today. And I love being with my family. I love how God has formed the five of us, the way He has put us all together. So much love in our fivesome.

That's all folks!


  1. I'm so glad you guys had a great time!!!

  2. That looks like a fantastic time! What a blast!

    P.S. speaking of blast - venture to a Sonic sometime, and try their Cookie Dough Blast...yummm!

  3. it sounds and looks like you had such a good time. now i want to go away!! and the walmart...never been to a usa one. now i have a sudden urge for shopping....hehe

  4. Wow, wonderful post! Now I feel like I was there with you for this wonderful weekend. I love those little baby swings...what a cute idea, looks like Jordan loved it. The picture of all 3 children really is funny. Jordan wants to head out for a few more hours....LOL