Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feelin' Blah

I'm feeling a bit blah and lazy so I'll just post my random thoughts as they come to me.

I almost walked to the church yesterday Karin! But it was raining. Ha.

My friend Susan is in the hospital. She went for day surgery to have her gall bladder removed but there was a complication so she'll be there for a few days. I'm hoping to be able to visit with her, but the visiting hours are from 2-8pm and that's a tough time for me. Still, I want to see her so I'll find a way.

Sam is stressing out big time about his grades. He is an A/B student, but he wants to get all A+. He's afraid he won't get into a good university.


Bless his heart. He's also back to stressing out about his teacher and how she yells at the class all the time, and he's afraid she's going to yell at him next. He is also having a hard time hearing his schoolmates saying "Oh my god". (Ugh...just typing that makes me sick) He says he tells them not to say it but they still do. Then he said something that really surprised me: he said his teacher says it all the time.


We send our children to a Catholic school because we want them to have a Christian education. We expect the teachers to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while in the classroom or when in the presence of any student. What they choose to say in their private lives is entirely up to them. "Oh my god" (again, sick feeling) is completely unacceptable in my book. We're trying to teach our children to be "in the world, but not of it", and that's a hard thing to understand and remember as an adult. But for a kid? With peer pressure and the like? Ian is going to help Sam write a note to his teacher, gently reminding her of the Ten Commandments, the third in particular.

Pastor Sam...paging Pastor Sam...

Today I had a visitor. Motivation! She arrived first thing this morning and assisted me in getting a few things done. If I listen carefully I can hear my washer crying for mercy.

Girl's Club was awesome tonight. We had a Scavenger Hunt and then we made Valentine's Day cards. Usually I don't do the craft if we have one, but once *K* pulled out her honkin' big case of scrapbooking scissors I was right in there. I love edged scissors and I use mine all the time, for everything. I made a card for Ian. :-) We had a really great turnout tonight and everyone was in such a great mood. As usual, I felt sad at the end of our time together. Jen is fitting in quite nicely so I hope everything comes together so she can join us as our third leader.

Tomorrow Cindy and I are going to Costo and then getting our hair done. I can't wait! My hair is a mess and it needs a trim badly. Every time I make an appointment I wonder if this is the time I should change my hair colour. Sam wants me to go red again. I did love my hair when it was red. But I think I'll stay blonde awhile longer. I can say really dumb things and people just accept it ;-) I'm actually going to be cheating on my other stylist and trying a new one. I'm even going to their other location so I don't get busted.

Oooh...I feel dirty...

I was unhappy with my last two cuts, and after hearing the devastating news that my original stylist may not be returning, I need to find someone who can cut and style my hair properly.

According to, 90210 won't be on again until March 31st! Darn it. Just when it was getting good.

LOST was a snooze last night. The peeps on the island moving through time...blah blah blah...Sun wanting to kill Ben...blah blah blah... Still, at least it's going to be on weekly.

There is no one on Dancing With The Stars that I am interested in rooting for. Boo.

Tomorrow night Ian is leading the Jr High Youth Group and Sam is at a birthday party. I think I will take the girls out for dinner or a walk around the mall. Julie loves shopping. She didn't get this "shopping gene" from me. I think I've made myself pretty clear how I feel about shopping.

I just heard the dryer buzz, so I'd better fold that load and head up to bed. Hope this "blah" feeling passes soon. It kind of sucks.

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