Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I'm SO glad that I went to the Nutritionist's seminar last night. I almost didn't go because I was tired and it was cold out. I didn't know what to expect but I went with an open mind.


I can't believe all that I learned! It was absolutely an amazing time. The speaker is a Christian and she was so knowledgeable. So many things that I thought were ok or the right way to eat were so very wrong. She drew a diagram of how and where the food travels once ingested, and how certain foods can clog your insides. When I told her than I've been doing Atkins for the last month, she said I needed to stop it - now. Then she explained what it was doing to my innards.

Great. My previous doctor approved it.

Did you know that doctors are not required to take a nutrition course at any time during their training? Well they aren't.

Sigh. I've moved my weight loss ticker to the bottom of my page for now. Not because I'm giving up - I'm definitely not. It's just going to happen slower now and I really don't want it staring me in the face every time I read my blog.

Yes. I read my own blog. Is that really vain of me?

I also learned how much water a person is supposed to drink each day. It's not eight 8 oz glasses. Oh no. You take your weight, divide it by 2, then divide that by 8. So, say you weighed 160 lbs. You would divide that by 2 to get 80, divide that by 8 and get 10. So you would need to drink ten 8 oz glasses of water a day.

Fascinating, isn't it?

So I whipped out Henry my trusty cell phone, and opened the calculator to figure out how many glasses of water I would have to drink in a day. Let's just say I might as well hang around the faucet all day. My water bill should spike for next month.


I hope I don't do that secondary drowning thing from drinking all that water.

Did you know that you lose a certain percentage of water from your body just by talking? Yikes...I talk a lot. I better get drinking.

Oh I have lots of interesting tidbits floating around my brain. This woman is speaking at our Women's Day Apart conference at the church at the end of the month, so I'm going to sign up for her workshop.

In other news, my doctor hasn't called with any alarming results from my blood work yesterday. Of course he did say he wouldn't really know until Thursday. I don't like waiting...

This morning was Coffee Hour and it was one of the best times ever. We're starting a new study on prayer. We cried watching the video and then cried again while hearing one another's prayer requests. I really like those women.

I must share with you all that my 300 thread count sheets were divine last night. I felt like I was sleeping in a five star hotel.

The other day a friend of mine sent me a message through Facebook in response to something I posted on my page. It was a list of 25 random things about me that someone tagged me on. One of the things I wrote was that I was afraid that I would leave this earth without ever having made an impact on someone. My friend told me that Ian and I were a factor in her coming to God and she and her husband were being baptized this coming Sunday.


I know! Very exciting! Ian and I are going to go to see them and hear their testimonies as long as the weather is ok. They live just over an hour north of us so I'm hoping it won't be too bad.

I'm glad I managed to stay awake for LOST tonight. It was SO worth it. That Ben... he is as naughty as ever...and Jin! Oh! Well, I won't say anymore about that in case you haven't seen it yet. I'm not Jen after all. ;-)

Devin, I know you tagged me and I'll respond tomorrow. Too pooped tonight!

Well my sheets are calling my name.... Over and out!


  1. Sounds like you got a lot of great info from that Nutritionist. That's so great!

    As far as making an impact for the kingdom of God... I just want you to know that you inspire a lot of people just by sharing your heart and your walk of faith.

    You 'glow' girl!

    Love ya!

  2. It's amazing when our eyes are opened to things in our lives we had no idea about.

    I'm so very happy for your friends!