Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Teaser

What a beautiful day today was! So Spring-like! I feel ready to wait out the rest of what Winter has to throw at us. Spring is coming!

We made it to Barrie on Sunday evening to see our friends get baptized and I am so glad we went. I was good to see them again and their testimonies were lovely. I cried of course! God has worked in their lives and I was so thankful to be able to see them take this beautiful step.

After the baptisms the pastor had us break into small groups to pray for a young boy who has liver cancer. The prayers of my children for this unknown boy made my heart ache with pride and love for them. I am so grateful for how strong their prayer life has become. They see people in need and ask if we can pray for them. They see their blessings and thank God for them. These are exciting days!

I've been thinking a lot about the sermon our Pastor gave this past Sunday. He spoke on relationships and the importance of working through conflict. I agree this is a must, and hard as this is, I keep trying to do this in my own life, but sometimes it just doesn't work out the way I hope it will. How can you work through a problem if the other person refuses to acknowledge that there is one, or that they contribute to it? Or if they write you off completely? What then? Is it enough to make the effort to mend a fence even if it isn't successful? How hard do we try before we just let it go?

Questions, questions...

This morning I visited with my mother. Since Ian's been off work I haven't been spending as much time with her as I used to and we are missing each other. How I wish things we different so we could live together so I could take care of her. She is so tired.

I went for a walk with Jordan this afternoon since it was such a beautiful day. She loved the fresh air and was so happy to be riding along in her stroller so we walked around the block twice. Don't be too impressed though...it's a small block ;-) I would have kept walking but Freaky Flyer Delivery Dude was walking just behind us and he was kinda creepy so we went inside. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm again so I might walk over to the church in the morning.

Ha. Who am I kidding. I am so not walking to the church tomorrow morning.

I'm really looking forward to Coffee Hour tomorrow. I haven't seen Jen in two weeks! She tells me that the baby has gotten bigger and I can't wait for my hugs and cuddles. I love that even though our lives are busy and blessed with our little ones, we always meet up on Wednesday mornings.

On Saturday Julie loudly announced - in the middle of Walmart no less - that she needs a bra.


She'll be 8 next month!

I'm not looking forward to the bra stage. And I get to do it twice!

Tonight I headed over to Jen's house to hang out with her and Cindy. Such funny girls they are. We watched The Biggest Loser and laughed about how we'd do on that show. We'd probably laugh so much we'd get kicked off. We'd be losers alright, but not the kind we'd want to be!

I am so grateful for the friendships I have. Quality friends that are giving and loving. We are there when we need each other. Friends that will work through conflicts with maturity and love. Friends that make me laugh until I cry. Friends that pray for me when I can't find the words to pray myself.

High drama at the bank today.... it was closed off with police tape and there were three police cruisers and a SWAT van parked outside.

That's it for me. My mind is tired and my thoughts are all over the place. I'm turning in...


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. It was very nice and sunny here today too! (too bad I was working - I would have loved to take a walk!)

    As far as working through conflict - I think only you and God know why some conflicts may not be resolved to your satisfaction. Are you acting loving towards that person despite the circumstances? When they look at you do they see your Father's eyes? Or do they still feel the unresolved anger and hurt radiating off you?

    It's so hard - but I honestly think that not all conflict can or will be resolved. Conflict is just a part of life. Maybe time will heal things, or maybe some relationships are not meant to be healed. Whether you decide to try and resolve it or to just let it go. It's really your choice. I hope whatever you decide - you will have peace with your decision.

    Cindy and Jen sound like great friends - hold tight to the great relationships you have and cherish them!

    How far is it to church?? You SHOULD SOOOOO walk to church!! LOL

  2. They had a police dog at the bank too. I should've told them to go to your house to find the money! :)

    I'm looking forward to cuddling you too - ha ha!!!

  3. They had a police dog at the bank too. I should've told them to go to your house to find the money! :)

    I'm looking forward to cuddling you too - ha ha!!!