Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Bachelor Finale

*** SPOILER ALERT!!! ***

If you haven't had a chance to watch the finale of The Bachelor yet then stop reading now. I cannot keep this in a moment longer!

I guess I must have gone on and on mentioned a few times about how excited I was for the finale because Ian settled in to watch it with me. Friends, this was HUGE. Ian has nothing but an intense dislike for all reality television, with the exception being Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

For once, all the promo hype was true — it really was the "most dramatic season finale in Bachelor history." The return of DeAnna... Jason crying on the balcony like he was devastated... the After The Final Rose that was so intense, it could only be filmed in private... Oh yes, I was in it for the three hours.

So both ladies met Annoying Child as well as his parents, brothers and sister-in-law. Everyone seemed relatively unscathed. I waited in anticipation for the The return of DeAnna...

Basically she travelled all the way to New Zealand to tell Jason that she made a mistake in choosing Jesse. (Didn't I yell this at my tv at the time??) Ha ha! He was very nice to her, and clearly let her know that he was in love with both Molly and Melissa.


Then she tried to be all helpful, telling him to "lead his heart" not to follow it. Her visit was short and a waste of time. Hyped up drama that didn't pan out.

Then, the Final Rose!


He barely gets talking before he breaks her heart...he has chosen Melissa.


She goes on and on about what a mistake he is making, blah blah blah. I couldn't wait for her to get into the limo and LEAVE already. I never liked her. Her voice practically made my ears bleed and every time she spoke she either repeatedly nodded or shook her head. She looked like a bobble-head and I found that very distracting. And she wore too much makeup. Just sayin'.

Finally she left and then there was the dramatic scene of Jason crying on the balcony. I felt teary too, because while I don't think you can be totally in love with two people at the same time, I do think it would be a hard decision to make. I felt so sad for him! Poor Jason!


I didn't like her hair, but her dress was gorgeous. I was all teary when he was professing his love for her...she was so happy! Finally she wasn't the "dumpee"! Then it got really cheesy with the aerial shots of them hugging, and the jumping into the pool thing...lame. All I could think about was how much time she would have spent doing her hair and make up, not to mention the cost of that dress!

I was happy.

Then....After The Final Rose. I couldn't possibly imagine what situation would be so intense that it would have had to be filmed without an audience present. I thought maybe we were going to meet Melissa's Oh-So-Private-Parents or something. When Jason walked out alone I was right on the edge of my seat. Where was Melissa?

Then he starts crying. Again. He isn't happy with Melissa because the chemistry is gone, and he can't stop thinking about Molly, and wants another chance with her.


Out comes Melissa and he breaks up with her. I think Melissa summed it up for all of us when she said, "You are such a bastard!" Once the breakup was over with, she was sent out to a waiting limo.

He comes back in - here's a shocker - crying. I wanted to shout "SHUT IT, CRYBABY!!!" at the tv, but I held back.

Out goes Jason and in comes Molly. She is still in love with Jason... Jason comes out, answers a few of her questions and then drops the bombshell... he has broken up with Melissa and wants Molly back. She pretends to be all shocked and confused (please, I think we all know this show is somewhat scripted!)

And then...the part that KILLS ME!!! She agrees to see where things will go!

Hello! She was rejected and now that he comes crawling back, she goes back to him?


I thought he was this sweet, kind guy, looking for a wife and a mother for Annoying Child but he turned out to be such a jerk. I am really rather disgusted. Why break up with her on tv? Why humiliate her like that? Why put a ring on her finger with the promise of forever, when his heart is with someone else? Who does that? Six weeks isn't a long time to make a relationship work.

Shame on you Jason!

Ian and I have decided that this show is fixed. I'm never watching it again!

Oooh... After The Final Rose Part 2 is on... gotta go!



  1. Anonymous7:58 a.m.

    It is fixed. There is a blog that spilled the beans weeks ago.


    There was a whole bunch of stuff going on that wasn't told on either ATR shows.

  2. I don't watch that show...there are some "reality" shows that have hooked me for a while but it always comes down to the drama they can CREATE, rather than actual reality, ya know?

  3. Anonymous9:37 p.m.

    Love that you call Ty (sp?)Annoying child!!!

    Love how u write cash payer, you make your blog so full of life and interesting to read

    Love ya


  4. Anonymous10:57 p.m.

    It is fixed. There is a blog that spilled the beans weeks ago.


    There was a whole bunch of stuff going on that wasn't told on either ATR shows.