Sunday, March 22, 2009

Purging Queen

Is there such a thing as a purging high? I dare say there is...because I am on one!!

I have been spending most of my evening sorting through clothes that the children have outgrown and I am positively pooped. I have two garbage bags ready to put out on my porch for The Canadian Diabetes Association to pick up and two garbage bags of children's clothing to pass on to friends of ours. I even have a large box of baby clothes ready to pass on to someone who will be able to use them. (Size 0-9 months...anyone? Anyone?)

But that's not the best part. Oh no.

The BEST part is the super huge Rubbermaid container that is full of clothes for Jordan to grow into. I've separated them into bags BY SIZE! All I will need to do is reach in and grab the next size that she needs.

Oh yes friends...I am feeling very organized and pleased with myself this evening.

This high is not that unlike the one I get on Garbage Exemption Days. On those days we can put out unlimited bags of garbage and I actually go through the house all giddy, looking for things to throw out.

I wonder what I'll find to purge tomorrow.


  1. I have "Dancing Queen" playing in my head, picturing you dancing around your house with bags of clothes! :)

  2. Anonymous3:38 p.m.

    WOW i love doing that!!! one of my favortie things to do, like, EVERYDAY!!! isn't it fun?? <><

  3. I need to do that again, and soon! I take some of what the little girls have outgrown to a consignment sale (and stock up on clothes there too), and donate the rest. It's amazing how quickly they outgrow clothes!