Friday, August 26, 2011

5QF ~ August 26 - Vloggin' It With Matt

Happy Friday! Today, as usual, I'm participating in the beautiful and talented Mama M's Five Question Friday which she hosts over at My Little Life!

Big thanks to YouTube for freezing this particular frame, thus making me look like an idiot.

Head on over to Mama M's blog My Little Life to join in on the fun!



  1. My, that's a tasty lookin' baby. KIDDING!! Although, he is rather scrumptious. Look at that chubba arm.

    And, GAH! Now, what if I was gonna pick that question for next week?! Your vlogs make me smile. Miracle Whip and Mayo the same thing? OMG. NO. Not the same. Miracle Whip = heaven in a jar. Mayo = the work of the devil. ;)

    Love this. Missed you. We need to Skype or chat or something soon. Deal?

  2. You roller skated in your basement?! SO DID I! I just confessed this to my friends a couple weeks ago and got laughed at. Lol.
    Wow I love your vlogs. And your baby. <3

  3. Umm...Clay Aiken was NOT robbed by Ruben. Ruben is the shiz being from Birmingham and all just like me. Ruben! Ruben! Ruben! I use to LOVE those 205 shirts he wore. Hahahahaha.

  4. Love it Kate! We have a troubled oven as well....I want to punch it too.

    Hi Matthew! How adorable you are!

  5. No shoes...amen, sister! When we were first married, I actually printed and framed a little sign that said, "Please take off your shoes. Thank you."
    Matthew is absolutely adorable!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Miracle Whip has a nasty, tangy, unnatural taste. Mayo is just mayo - YUM!
    Matthew is adorable! Can't wait to see video of him awake!

  7. Watching your blog while cooking dinner, made cooking so much more enjoyable!

  8. Yes shoes checked at the door thank you very much! Thought I was.the only one that was crazy about no shoes! I like to wash floors but hate to iron, we could switch off!!