Thursday, August 11, 2011

Puppy Walks And Pedicures

I'm having a pretty good day.

First up this morning was a texted photo of my sweet friend Tyler's brand new baby girl! I'm so thankful that Piper has arrived safely, and that Tyler's pregnancy is over and she can get back to feeling like herself again. Boy is that baby girl in for some serious lovin'!

Next up was a shower and when I went back to my room to get dressed I found that Ian had made the bed for me. Thanks Ian! I don't know what it is about a freshly made bed, but it sure gives me a sense of order. The same goes for my kitchen sink. The rest of the house could be falling apart but I'll be ok just as long as the bed is made and the kitchen sink is empty and clean.

The weather was really nice this morning so I took Willow out for a walk along the ravine. I love walking there. Well, I love it once I get past the oh I hope no one jumps out of the bushes and kills me feeling.

Isn't it restful looking?

It goes on for miles and miles and miles.

The route I take is about 30 minutes if I walk briskly, which is perfect for my current fitness level.

Willow piddled exactly 23 times on our walk. If I didn't know better I'd think he was a pregnant woman in her ninth month with all that piddling! I don't know why he doesn't just do all his business once or twice but I guess there is a method to what he does.

Here is my Wills.

Doesn't he look so mild and obedient?

Don't be fooled. It took me six attempts to get this single picture.

He's a total beast to walk. He criss-crosses, runs ahead and drags behind, darts after leaves and squirrels, and so forth. It's really annoying. I try and try (and try and try and try...) to get him to walk nicely beside me and he just doesn't.

But he does keep me safe on our walks. Like this morning for instance. That supremely elderly couple walking slowly hand in hand sure looked like they might have had a murderous agenda that involved me, but thanks to Willow throwing himself against my body and shoving me into the trees, he certainly let them know he meant to protect me at all costs and thus saved my life. The creepy bike riding dude completely missed his radar apparently, even though he was high on mine.

When we returned home, Willow collapsed on the living room floor and I had just enough time for a bowl of Cheerios and a glass of orange juice before Matthew started fussing and crying. That lasted for over an hour before he finally fell asleep in my arms, completely exhausted. It breaks my heart when nothing I do brings him comfort and all I can do is hold him while he cries.

I'm so excited for 5:30 to arrive. Why, you wonder? Because I'm getting a MUCH needed pedicure, courtesy of my friend Cindy. She gave me a gift certificate a few months ago for me to get a pedicure before Matthew arrived but I wasn't able to get there beforehand. So today is the day and I am e-x-c-i-t-e-d. Cindy is going to meet up with me there to visit. I hope the person working on my feet doesn't die when he/she sees the horror of them. It's been awhile. I could tell you how my feet are so rough that I can pick up a dryer sheet with them, but that would be gross to talk about.

Well, Sir Screams A Lot is calling for me, so I'll wrap this up.

I may or may not post a pic of my revitalized tootsies a little later. Bye for now!


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  1. Always loved your humour! Keep it up.