Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back To School And Stuff

This final week of the children's summer vacation is passing by much too quickly. I don't like it and will definitely be missing them next week.

Julie is very excited to return to school and even has her back to school outfit picked out and backpack ready to go. She has a dry erase board in her room and has been writing down how many days are left until the first day. She is longing to see her friends again and to meet her new teacher.

Sam is dreading it. He's trying to squeeze in as much sleep and relaxation as he possibly can. His main concern is that he not be in a split class, is with his friends, and gets a good teacher.

Have I mentioned that I will miss them when they go back?

Matthew had his check up on Monday and now weighs 13 lbs. Dr L said he was growing and developing perfectly and is right in the centre of the growth chart. He said he was a bit behind at first but has quickly caught up. He was sleeping in my arms when Dr L gave him his first shot. His eyes flew open and he started to mildly fuss as if to say that he knew something happened, he didn't know what, it probably hurt so I'd better say something. The second shot just about caused him to jump out of his skin. There were lots and lots of tears.

His and mine.

Afterwards I met with the accounting manager at the company I worked with on a temp assignment while I was pregnant. He wanted to know if I would consider returning to work now, on a full time basis. We talked about it, and taking everything into consideration, I told him that I could do five hours a day, three days a week. More than that would be too difficult to manage along with my responsibilities at home. Not to mention it would make Ian's job searching extremely difficult. We talked back and forth about how we could make it happen but they decided that they need someone full time. I appreciated that they were willing to have me back and that they continue to be sensitive and considerate of my position.

Did I make a mistake? Possibly. But I need to handle things with the children and around the house so that Ian can focus full-time on finding a job. I believe that if I am to return to work full-time that God will make that clear to us. In the meantime, Ian is getting a lot of bookings for magic shows and that's helping a lot.

Yesterday we took the children back to school shopping. They were given most of their school supplies as well as new backpacks, but still needed a few things like pencils, erasers, glue sticks and lunch bags, so we picked those up at Walmart along with a few other needed items. Our cashier was in training and the woman with her was bagging, and she looked at the children sitting together on the bench and then back at me.

"You got yourself a lot of kids there." she said.

"Yes ma'am." I replied.

"Mmmhmm..." she said, bagging.

As she bagged the guinea pig food, cat food and dog food she spoke again.

"I see you got yourself a lot of animals too."

"Yes ma'am." I said again.

"Mmmhmm." she said. "You get much sleep?"

"No ma'am!" I said and we both laughed and then said together, "Mmmhmm..."

Clothes wise, they didn't need much. A couple pairs of jeans, indoor and outdoor shoes and a new shirt for each that we found in a couple of different stores.

I'm pleased to report that I stayed within my budget.


We were all pretty wiped out after all of our running around. Jordan, however, was on a roll. "More shopping? Please? We do more shopping?" She loves to go out and run errands and see things. If she sees either Ian or me getting ready to leave the house she runs to get her shoes on so she can come with us. No trip is boring for her. She makes a nice errand buddy :-)

Last night I went out for ice cream at the new Dairy Queen with Cindy and my new friend Karyn, who I met at Walmart a few weeks ago. I brought Matthew with me and he was such a good boy the whole time, even letting the girls hold him. He must have had some good time because he ended up sleeping through the night.


We're still tired today though! Ha. I figure I'll sleep when they're all off married or in college.

Must run - Sam has Matt in his jolly jumper and I don't want to miss the smiles!

Have a great day, peeps!



  1. Melissa3:05 p.m.

    I loved this post! I miss hearing about the excitement in your corner of the continent. :(
    I would love it if you brought your Tuesday Treats back sometime-maybe once a month or something. Please?? With a cherry on top??

  2. Jordan sounds like my kind of gal!!! I love back to school time and all the new clothes & pens. Oh, the pens!!

  3. My kids started school this past Monday. They both had mixed feelings about it. This week has been easy though, no homework and lots of smiles and stories. Not looking forward to when that changes.

    I actually have to go be the bad guy right now though, because they need baths before bed and they are happily jumping and laughing on the trampoline. :(

    Glad all has been well in your neck of the woods. :)

  4. I just hate the back-to-school mom blues! Tell little Matthew to give you lots of sweet smiles next week...and some extra hugs from Jordan will help too! :)
    Fun to read about your week! Enjoy the weekend!