Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We arrived home from the beach about 9:30 last night, exhausted and sunburned.

It was a really, really, nice time away with all of my favourite people.

My mom and nephew are there until Friday.

When we left, I was trying - unsucessfully - not to cry. So was my mom.

It was hard to leave.

Today we just hung around the house. Well, the children and I did. Ian had two magic shows to do.

I feel blah today. I can't put my finger on why, but I'm feeling it. I feel as though there is change coming and there is a sense of dread in my stomach.

Maybe it's the post-vacation blues. Is there such a thing?

I took a lot of pictures and will post some of them soon. Tonight I'm just feeling weird and not up to talking about much.

It's storming outside and Ian says we're under a tornado watch. Better log off for now.


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  1. It's storming outside and you're under a tornado watch and you wonder why you're feeling blue. You just left sunny skies, I think the gloom and doom in the air is enough to get you down.

    On a side note (a dumb one I might add) I didn't know Canada had tornadoes. I know, I know, crazy American, right?