Tuesday, August 02, 2011

8 Things

There's always something going on here but I don't always have time to tell you about it. So, here's a quick peek into what's been happening:

{1} I met a new friend last week while shopping at a new Walmart that opened recently, nowhere near my house. You know how I love Walmart and must check out each one.

I was leisurely shopping with Matthew when I crossed paths with a woman who also had a newborn. We started talking and before we knew it 45 minutes had passed! Conversation flowed so easily and we covered a multitude of topics. She is relatively new to the area so I invited her to check out our church. AND we exchanged contact information and we're now Facebook friends!

I tell you. Stand next to me longer than 2 minutes and I'll make you my friend. I don't care who you are.

Creepy, yes?

{2} My clothes dryer died last week.

A moment of silence, if you will.

The poor thing would squeak like crazy, probably crying for mercy in dryer-speak. Laundry for six is no easy feat, and it just kicked the bucket. We ended up buying a new one at Home Depot that day and it's been earning it's keep ever since.

Ian put our old one out on the curb and came in to get a screwdriver so he could remove the door, and by the time he went back outside someone had taken it. I didn't realize we had dryer ninjas hanging around our neighbourhood.

{3} This past weekend was so emotional for me. Between Sam turning 12, my favourite aunt returning home after visiting for six weeks, and packing up Jordan's outgrown clothing... I was a mess. Lots of tears.

Am I the only one who cries on their children's birthdays?? I hate how fast they grow!

{4} Matthew smiled at me! I think he's our earliest smiler. (Is smiler a word?)

{5} Mom invited us to join her on her beach vacation again this year. SO.EXCITED! That's in two weeks.

{6} This morning I took the girls and Matthew to Walmart to see if we could find Jules a new bathing suit. Two Walmarts later and she had a new one piece and a tankini. It's unbelievable how hard it is to find a modest bathing suit for a young girl. I know a bathing suit is what it is, but still... finding an appropriate one that covers a developing young girl was quite a feat. I'm trying to teach her about modest dressing and she is very receptive to it, making good choices when it comes to choosing her outfits. I'm so glad.

I even bought Matthew a pair of swim trunks for three dollars. Three dollars, people! I know better than to take him out in the sun, and I don't think they can go into a pool until they've had a certain vax, but I could be wrong. It's all about the style.

Jordan wanted a new "bayving soup" too, but she has a DRAWER FULL of them. So, no.

{7} Things are staring to settle down here which is nice. I no longer feel like I'm going to lose my mind every day. (now it's just every other!) I'm actually able to get some things done around the house which is good. It might happen at midnight, but I'm getting things done. Sleep is something I grab when I can, and it's broken up throughout a 24 hour period.

Hard, yes. But these are beautiful days.

{8} My newest addiction is Pinterest. I think I'm one of the last people to jump on that train but sweet mercy am I addicted.

And that's about it!

Over and out!



  1. I make friends with strangers in line, too :) And I haven't even checked out pinterest yet! So you are definitely not the last!

  2. Oh, how I love love love pintrest. I could totally spend hours lookin around. Glad you get a vacation- and swimming trunks are important for Matthew to play the part of vacation-er! Glad you're getting some sleep. :)

  3. I'm with you about making friends in odd places... AND about modest clothes for young girls! Good job Jules!

  4. A to the MEN about modest bathing suits for girls! What is up with the triangle bikinis?! GAH! Even just plain ol' clothes! I'm lucky, too...my 9 year old is very modest...doesn't like any of her upper chest showing at ALL!!