Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Really Going!

It's been a very exciting week for me, mail-wise.

On Monday my tickets arrived for the Women of Faith event in Rochester, NY next month!

I thought I was already excited about going.

And then I saw the seats.


Now I'm really excited about going!

And then, just when I thought nothing could top my excitement... this arrived on Tuesday.

My picture is horrible but ohmygosh I have a passport!

I feel like fleeing the country! Oh, wait a minute... I will be next month. :-)

So it looks like I'm really going.

At the beginning of this year I prayed that God would open up a way for me to get to this event, knowing that it wasn't in the budget. And then this opportunity came along. Amazing.

Can it get better? YES. Because this morning I opened my email and had received a comment from a lovely woman who wanted to know if I had any plans to meet up with any of my readers while I'm in Rochester. WOW. I'd never even thought of that! Great idea, Cassandra :-)

So, if you will be attending the Women of Faith event in Rochester, let me know and maybe we can arrange to meet up!



  1. You're going to have SO.MUCH.FUN!! The floor seats? They're amazing. I nearly DIED when I realized how close I was - and the spirit? The movement of God in that place? At some point, you need to stop, and turn around. Look back and up at the women there, at the movement and love and grace that's behind you. Of all that I experienced, the moment I turned around? It nearly brought me to my knees.

  2. I would give a kidney to come see you :o( I'm so happy and excited for you but I am so bummed I can't get up to NY to see you. How about you stay for a bit here in the US and come see me!?