Saturday, October 01, 2011

Things Kids Do That I Don't Understand ~ Take Five

Things have been pretty quiet on the Things Kids Do That I Don't Understand front.

Well, until Thursday that is.

When Julie came home from school and came upstairs to say hello, I noticed that she still had her shoes on. She knows my rule about no shoes in the house and before I could open my mouth she spoke.

"I know what you're going to say, Mom. And I'm sorry I still have my shoe on in the house."

I looked down and sure enough she only had one shoe on.

Before I could ask my question she spoke again.

"The reason why I still have my shoe on is because I can't get it off. See?"

"I guess you're wondering how this happened, huh." she asked.

I raised my eyebrow and nodded yes.

She said that she was pulling her jeans on after gym and didn't feel like taking her shoes off first. One pant leg worked fine, but the other got stuck.

"You tried to pull your skinny jeans on over those huge clunky shoes?" I asked.

She nodded and told me that she tried to fix it all afternoon but she couldn't get the leg over the shoe, nor could she take the shoe off at this point.

"I figured you would help me when I got home." she said, shrugging.

I tried and tried to pull her jeans and shoe off but they wouldn't budge. Even with me bracing my foot against her butt, I still couldn't pull it off. All I was doing was yanking with all my strength while she laughed her head off.

Finally Ian came in, grabbed her leg and pulled the jeans and shoe off.

We made her promise not to do this again.

And that's Take Five of Things Kids Do That I Don't Understand.



  1. Oh gosh. This struck me as so funny for some reason - I am sitting here with tears running down my face from laughing so hard. What a silly thing - the things kids do!

  2. lol! that's totally something my daughter would try!

  3. Dying. I needed a laugh. Thanks Julie! Thanks Kate! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. HA! Cracked up from the moment she knew what you were going to say! How funny!

  5. Oh no! Cracked me up and made me feel bad for her all at the same time! Such a predicament!