Thursday, October 13, 2011

Other People's Garbage

I have a number of weird interests. If you've been reading my blog for awhile now then you've likely picked up on some of them. But one of my weirder interests is in other people's garbage.

Please don't misunderstand me... I am not a garbage rooter. I don't look through people's garbage, I just look at it.

Say I'm walking Willow for instance. I might walk slower to make a mental note of people's recycling. I may not know many of my neighbours but I know the ones that have babies, who eats a lot of pizza and who has a major pop addiction.

I have, on occasion, rather excitedly told Ian something along the lines of "You should see all the garbage the house on the corner put out!! Go by and look!"

Wow. I don't know what scores higher on the Lame Scale...the fact that I do this, or the fact that I'm actually telling you I do it.

No matter. We're all friends here.

So, in light of this weird interest, imagine my joy when I saw this:

This is my neighbour's house across the street. They started putting furniture items out on the curb on Sunday morning. I saw a bench that would fit perfectly in my front hall for the children to sit on while putting on their shoes, so I sent Sam over to ask if we could take it. The dude was so excited that it was going to "a good home" as he put it. We ended up with two of them. One is sitting on my front porch and one is in the front hall. We also scored a low coffee table that we've put in the playroom so Jordan can sit at it while she colours and does her crafts.

What is in the picture is what's left after various people came by and picked through it. Now the house is empty and there's a realtor's locked box on the door.


There you have it. I love checking out other people's garbage.

Please come back to this blog of mine... I'm not totally crazy...



  1. Good score! ALL my friends are always showing off their trash treasures! Trash is just interesting! I'm a gawker too!

  2. Lol-this post made me smile! Could you share it at my blog at this link:
    I'm trying to build a Thrifty Thursday blog hop, and your post fits perfectly!
    I'm actually impressed with how much people are recycling things these days-and seeing what neat things they are doing with their new treasures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. person's trash is another person's treasure! Good job getting some goodies!!

  4. We were care-takers at the apartments we use to live at and found stuff in or near the dumpsters all the time!! It's amazing what people will just throw away! The best was the end of the month when people moved out! :) You are not alone!

  5. I do the same thing - I've scored quite a few pieces this way. It amazes me what people throw away! I also play a sort of similar game when I walk our lab Emma in the evenings - name that fabric softener. Lol I love to see if I can guess what kind it is :-) I also check out landscaping and porch arrangements. Sometimes I think it boarders on some sort o police violation. :-) cheers to you Kate. I love reading your blog!