Monday, November 17, 2008


This morning I dropped the children off at school and met up with Amanda for tea before she had to head for home. I felt really sad as we brought her stuff down to her car but I managed not to bawl like a baby. I hate goodbyes. I was squeezing back the tears as we hugged "c-ya later" (not goodbye!) and let them go once I was in the car.

What can I say.. I'm a suck.

I visited with my mom for awhile after that. Her pain level has increased and she cannot get comfortable at all. My heart is so heavy. What I would do to be able to take this from her.

My house is out of control. It always is, but I feel the need to whine about it right now. Oh well. Baby steps, right?

I went to see The Haunting Of Molly Hartley at the theatre tonight with Cindy and Jenn. It was pretty good and the pop-out-scary-factor was rather high. I rate it a 7/10. I mentioned in a previous post that I scream at scary movies... and friends... tonight I did not disappoint. I managed to scream while Jenn was drinking so that was a bit of a mess. Then I jumped while I was drinking, so that went everywhere. We were laughing pretty hard. Cindy said she was going to count how many times I screamed, and when I asked for the total as we walked out to her car she said she lost count.


We left before the lights came up, as per the rule. Can't have people see the freaky screamer.

I managed to break another pot tonight. I was carrying one on top of the other (lazy lazy... God gave me two hands) and one slipped and smashed into the sink. Positive side... a contained mess! Ian cleaned it up for me, bless his heart. So.. this week I need to find a new set of pots because that's the second one in my set of 3 that I've broken in the last two months and my little saucepan isn't going to cut it.

I got those pots as a wedding gift. :-(

Well friends... that's it for me. Emotional day = a tired Kate.

See you tomorrow...

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  1. HUGS! I'm glad you got to spend some time alone with Amanda before she left. What a blessing it was to meet her!