Saturday, November 08, 2008

Soccer & Pizza

Soccer season has begun once again and I am happy about that.

Her new coach had told us that her team colour was gold, which frustrated me because she was gold that last two seasons! Well... she is NOT gold...she is YELLOW. (Ok...maybe a yellow-y gold). I think her yellow socks are the brightest socks I've ever seen. Julie commented that there is no way we'll lose those socks in the laundry. No kidding there, Jules.

She did really well and wasn't shy at all with her new coach and teammates. Today she played defence and goal. I stress out when she's the goalie. Talk about pressure! That ball is coming at you and it's all up to you to make sure it doesn't go in! But...Jules loves it there and she really rocks at it.

I don't think she appreciated my "You're the best goalie EVER!" shout-out based on the look she gave me.

Oh's true. ;-)

I scored another nap this afternoon. I don't know why I'm so tired lately.

The children and I made pizza for dinner. They were so cute fussing with the crust and the cheese. It's in the oven right now and it looks SO good. I would have taken pictures as per my obsession, but I can't find my camera. So you'll just have to imagine the best looking/tasting pizza ever.

And if you never hear from me again...something went terribly wrong...



  1. Mmmm...homemade pizza!! My, how you rock!! :D

  2. Anonymous12:35 a.m.

    It's true... she really does rock!

  3. Mmmmm Pizza!! Homemade is the best!

    I can totally see you shouting "You're the best goalie ever!!!" One day she will thank you for it, probably while she's in the Olympics!

  4. It's true... she really does rock!