Saturday, November 15, 2008

GREAT Day :-)

Julie's team won today! 2-1! I can't get over how well she played. She was right in there, completely focused. She took a ball to the face at one point, and was body checked shortly after.

Oh yes. There's body checking in soccer. Betcha didn't know that.

Amanda arrived safely this afternoon! YAY! She called me to let me know when she was halfway, then again just after she crossed the border into Canada. Unfortunately she got lost in Toronto for an hour and half. But she arrived and all is well. Her little daughter AJ will be 5 months old on the 20th and is SO CUTE! I want her but Amanda won't give her to me.

How selfish.

Jen came as well and we had a really nice time together. We headed over to Wendy's for some dinner and I must report the most disgusting thing ever. There was a dead bug on the inside of the lid of my drink.


Of course I notice this AFTER I drank most of it. Gross.

I took it to the manager and I really don't think she could have been less concerned. Jen pointed out that I should have taken a picture for this blog.

Sorry guys. I wasn't thinking. I was too grossed out.

Once back at the hotel, we headed down to the pool so the children could swim. While Jen swam with all the kids (thanks for that, Jen!) Amanda and I sat with the babies and talked. She is such a sweet, gentle person. I really like her.

We headed off just after 9 and it was no longer raining....but snowing! It was almost like sleet. I left the children with the desk clerk after giving them a list of a million things not to do/where not to go/who not to talk to and ran to get the van so they wouldn't get too cold.

Once home, the entire herd poured into their beds and fell asleep right away.

Ian is in bed as well. His cold is really hitting him now. Poor guy. I don't know if mine is coming or going. I just hope it holds off a little longer. I don't want to miss any of Amanda's visit!


  1. It was a riot, wasn't it!

  2. Anonymous11:05 p.m.

    Look I commented! Love the blog my friend. Thanks for being there!

  3. It was a riot, wasn't it!