Monday, November 24, 2008

Productive Day

I spent the day with my mother and we were able to get some more of her Christmas shopping done. I'm happy she's getting it done before the huge crowds hit.

We started off at Costco and I unexpectedly found a couple of gifts for people on my list. I have to say, I am a very sucky gift-giver. I need the person to tell me very clearly what they want to get. (Bonus points if they tell me where I can get it) I seriously lack creativity in this area.

Next most favourite place in the WORLD....Wal-Mart. I was expecting everyone and their uncle to be there, but I was pleasantly surprised. We were looking at men's robes, trying to figure out if it was the right size when I told her we needed a guy who was built somewhat like the person we were shopping for. I looked around for a dude that would be about 6' but all I saw were little elderly men. That wasn't going to work at all.

Finally....I saw him. He was about 6'7" but he would have to do.

"PSST!" I say.

He looks at me, startled. I realize his facial expression must be very close to what mine looked like when that freaky dude popped out at me on Saturday.

Today...I was Freaky Dude. Yikes.

"Can you help me?" I whisper. "Yes!" he whispers back.

Somewhere I hear my mother's voice going "Kate...what the heck are you doing?" or something like that. I wasn't paying attention because I was on a mission and I don't have the time to return something because it was the wrong size when this dude was right there, ready to help us.

It started off with me asking him to hold the robe up against him. Then I asked him to try it on. He put down all his items and took off his coat to try the robe on. My mother appears, no longer embarrassed. "Can you wrap it around you?" she says.

What a gem this guy was. I almost asked for his number to pass on to Cindy or Jenn, but I figured this guy was already wary of me and my weirdness. We bought the robe.

So, that was freaky thing #1 at Wal-Mart. The second one was when I asked a woman in the bedding department if they sold flannel sheets. Not only did she say yes, but she even TOOK ME THERE!

I know! I was shocked too.

I can just picture Jen reading that last line and saying "I don't believe it!"

Believe it Jen!

When we came out of the store, it was snowing my favourite kind of snow - big fat flakes. It was so pretty.

We were off to the library to pay my overdue fine. Yes...I am a bad library card holder. I will admit to you - and only you - that I had a big, fat fine on that card. Well, I went to pay a portion towards it and do you know what Library Guy did? He wrote off the balance! I'm telling you... I only paid 2/3 of that big fat fine. What an awesome guy.

Well, my beloved Dancing With The Stars is finished tomorrow night. What am I going to watch on Mondays and Tuesdays NOW? I'll just read more.

Ooh. I just felt a fresh wave of gratitude towards Library Guy.

Tomorrow night is Girls Night. I feel like I haven't seen Jenn and Cindy in forever. It's only been a week, but I miss them. Not sure what we're doing but I hope there's a frosty involved somehow.

That's it. I am pooped.


  1. I guess it's better that you were dressing a random man like your own personal Ken doll, rather than popping out at people... ;) Freaky Kate! :D Lol!

  2. ooooo.....I'm bad with the Library too. I think my fine right now is hanging somewhere around the $20.00 mark. But hey, our libraries always seem to need more money - so I look at it as my little way to support our local library. HAHA

  3. Anonymous12:50 a.m.

    Hey there,

    December 03

    I hope the Lord knows what is best for me cause right now I don't know if he does. Trying to understand why I am in the position I am in. Please keep me in your prayers my friend.

    Jen "with one n" HA