Monday, November 10, 2008

Family & Friends

Yesterday was such a great day.

It started out with Ian bringing me a cup of tea and a freshly baked cinnamon roll in bed. We headed off for church which was going to be an inter-generational service, with our Associate Pastor and his wife (and our personal friends!) were going to preach together.

It was so cute to see children involved. They handed out the bulletins as we arrived, read the announcements and passed the collection plate for the offering. Worship was incredible and was led by one of our young adults. The sermon was based on Joshua 24 and was so inspiring.

After church we headed home for lunch. We had a picnic on the living room floor and ate my World Famous Stew, and talked about the sermon we'd heard, and shared some thoughts about one another. I loved hearing what my children appreciated about me.

In the evening the children and I headed over to Cindy's for dinner. Jenn was there as well, and we had a great time laughing as usual. Cindy made this incredibly good pasta dish and bless her heart...sent the leftovers home with us. Thanks Cindy! ;-) She had little gift bags and a bag of High School Musical candies at each of the children's places at the table. For dessert, she had baked several mini cakes for them to decorate. They were in heaven and haven't stopped talking about her since.

Mom seemed to be doing a bit better today. She was able to move around more than I've seen her do lately, and that made me happy. I am so grateful for everyone's prayers for her. Tomorrow we're going swimming at a therapeutic pool to see if that helps her at all.

I think I'm getting a cold. My muscles are aching and my nose is sniffly.

All together now....AWWWW POOR KATIE!

Thanks guys. Knew I could count on you. ;-)


  1. Awwwwwww! Poor Kate! HUGS!

    Your service sounds beautiful.

  2. Awwwwwww! Poor Kate! HUGS!

    Your service sounds beautiful.