Friday, April 17, 2009


Well folks, guess who got a job today?


That's right, I got a job today. Just a two week temp assignment, but it's work and I'm grateful for it, believe me.

I got a call from the agency yesterday telling me about this position that was available in Milton. They set up an interview for me - yet another "working interview" - at 2pm so I headed out just after 1pm, Mapquest map in hand.

Mapquest is a very handy little tool to have. Door to door instructions, complete with how much time it should take someone to get there. You'd have to be an idiot to mess up their directions...

...or a blonde named Kate. Because said blonde managed to get lost not once, but twice on her way to this interview....

I called Ian from the heart of Georgetown, mildly panicking about my whereabouts. He was able to direct me back to my Mapquest directions and I was on my way once again. It was only about fifteen minutes later when I called him from the middle of Cow Country to tell him I was lost yet again. This time there were a few tears involved. Once again he was able to direct me right to the door.


The offices were very nice and very empty. I was told later that they had laid off all but a skeleton staff. Scary. Everyone seemed really nice too. I met with the A/R Supervisor and the CFO for about ten minutes, then spent the next two hours with the Supervisor, learning the ropes. We got along really, really well. We even finished each other`s sentences! I caught on to their computer system pretty quickly which pleased her. She said they left it to the very last minute to hire a replacement, and that she commented to the CFO that morning that they were going to need a miracle to find someone, then when we took a break she told him ``I think we got our miracle!``

All together now.... AWWWWWW!

I managed to get sort of lost on my way home too. Oh yes... it`s true.

I called the agency to report in once I got home and I barely got the chance to identify myself before my contact said ``Can I put you on speaker phone so we can give you the good news together?`` So sweet. Apparently the CFO felt I was a ``perfect fit``.

Apparently my aggression - or lack thereof - was not an issue for this company! ;-)

So, I start at 8am on Monday morning for at least the next two weeks. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this assignment. I can only imagine how well I will sleep tonight. I have such a sense of relief.

My mom has already stepped up to offer to pick the children up for school each morning and deliver them home again to Ian afterwards, as I will have the car all day. She is so amazing to me.

In other news...

Ian may have a lead on an opportunity as well and hopes to hear more about that on Monday. We are talking about whether or not he should return to work or go back to school. Lots to discuss there.

That`s it for today. All this excitement has pooped me right out.



  1. That is awesome! I am so happy for you and I hope that this lead for Ian pans out!

  2. Congratulations Kate! : )