Sunday, April 05, 2009

Where Did The Weekend Go??

Yesterday was Julie's final soccer game of the season, and I suspect, of her life. She was so glad to get it over with and said she really only went to get her trophy and medal for her "collection".

I wonder if I have to remove the soccer ball magnet from the back of my van now that I no longer have any soccer players?

Yes... I have a soccer ball magnet on my van. I am uber cool like that.

Yesterday was also the Girls Club Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Event and it went really well. I was expecting a large number of girls but we only had about 12, which actually worked out well because we had just enough adults to supervise. We golfed in groups of 4 and I had the highest score of my group at the end.

Figures that I'd get the highest score in the only game where that's a bad thing.

No matter. I got a cool glow-in-the-dark bracelet out of it. Yay for jewelry!

We watched Monsters Inc. in the evening and it doesn't matter how many times I watch that movie, I enjoy it every time. So did Jordan who hardly took her eyes off the tv and stayed standing in her playpen in the same spot pretty much for the whole thing. I actually stayed awake for the whole thing too. Yay me!

This morning we headed off to church for Palm Sunday. I sat with Jen which is never a good thing because we always end up whispering about things that should probably wait until after the service. Today was no different.

We are gearing up for our MADD events at the church. MADD = Make A Difference Days. MADD was created by Barb & Gerry a few years ago and they are great ways to reach out and serve our community. Jen and I signed up to serve in a homeless shelter serving lunch and the children and I signed up to bake cookies for Project 417, which is a ministry that delivers bag lunches to the homeless in Toronto. Both of these events are in May.

I had a great visit with my mother this afternoon. Usually I talk her ear off as I suffer from "pressure of speech" (read: I talk a lot) but today I let her talk too. Such a wonderful daughter I am ;-)

Apparently its supposed to snow tomorrow.



I must go now and watch "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and laugh.

Over and out.

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  1. We don't always chat so much do we????? Well I know I am not to blame for that! hahahahahahaha