Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Thoughts And Pictures That Accompany Them

Lots of random things to share, so here we go...

I mentioned in my last post that we went to see Julie in her Easter assembly on Thursday and that she did really great. Here are the cupcakes that I baked for her:

She was so excited to see them. I hope they made her feel special. I certainly felt special when I ate one. ;-)


Julie has an A- in drama according to her latest report card. When I told her, her comment was "That's because I'm a drama queen!"

Oh so true!

We saw her drama teacher while we were at the school and he said she is on her way to an A+ for the third term. Ha!


Being that I am home with Jordan all day, I am quite up to speed on the comings and goings of my neighbours. Some might call that nosy (Ian!) but others (me!) would consider me to be a caring, concerned neighbour.

There are people who live across the street from me and I never see them come outside except to receive who I like to call The Good Cheer Guy, the dude that delivers beer to them every week and takes away the empties.

Doesn't he look like Santa?? Come on now, you know he does.

Every time I see him I feel like jumping outside for a photo op. I also wonder how I can get him to deliver beer to my house.


Thursday night was Girls Club and as usual it was a good time. We hid all sorts of Easter treats for the girls to find. Being the most excellent leaders that we are, we let them eat their booty. Itwasn'tlongbeforetheywerebouncingoffthewallsinthethroesofamajorsugarrush!!!!


For a part of our devotion, we had the girls write out a sin on a slip of paper and then tape it to the cross. The idea being that they confess, ask for forgiveness and leave it at the cross for Jesus.

One girl told me she had no idea what to write down because she never does anything wrong.

I bit my tongue on that one.

Then my lovely daughter's voice rang out, "Oh boy..I'm going to need more paper..."

I debated whether or not to post a pic of hers, but I did...

Umm...ok... she stabbed her brother in the back?? Then Ian reminded me of that time she stabbed him with her toothbrush. Ahh yes. Who she called a jerk I have no idea.

And to be fair, I've posted mine as well.

The girls absolutely loved this. I was hoping a few would say something like "Oh Kate, you couldn't possibly ever be rude to your husband, being the loving, Godly woman that you are!"

Imagine my surprise when no one said anything remotely like that?


I've decided to try the Flylady method again to help me stay on track with my responsibilities. She's really big on wearing shoes in the house, which I absolutely hate. I hate it when people wear shoes in my house.

So... Ian picked these up for me today.

I feel like I can do anything in my new Flyshoes. I didn't, however. But they sure were comfy! Perhaps tomorrow I will be motivated to break them in some more.


One of the millions of "best" things about having a 1 year old is how they will copy whatever you do. I am having the best time teaching her little things for her to perform for family and friends. My favourite is when I say "oh no!" she'll put her hands to her face and go "ohhh..."

And the new one is when I say "Praise the Lord!" She'll do this:

I'm going to get her to do it for our Pastor. ;-)


Ian did a terrific job with his sermon on Friday. I was so proud of him. He was completely wiped out afterwards from all the preparation and a little bit of nervousness thrown in. He was wonderful.


I've been in a bit of a rough place lately, struggling in a few areas. I was rocking Jordan the other night and complaining talking to the Lord about how I was feeling and asking Him why He wasn't answering my prayers. I felt this calmness come over me and I felt Him speak directly to my heart: "Look at her...did I not answer your prayer?"

Wow. He sure did.

And He will answer the prayers I have now. In His time, in His way.


We decorated our Easter eggs tonight and the "egg jokes" were flying. My favourite was Sam's as he decorated his with High School Musical stickers. "This egg is called Zack EGGfron".

Oh yes friends, I am laughing again at that. Loved it. He has an EGGcellent sense of humour.

While we were decorating I asked the children who was coming tonight. Julie looked at me and said "Mom, Jesus doesn't rise until tomorrow." I told her she was right, but I was referring to the Easter Bunny. She gently reminded me that Easter was about the Risen Lord, not the bunny.

This is the second year in a row that they have been so focused on the Resurrection that the EB was a remote thought.

Love those kids...


That's about it. Once again I am up way past my bedtime and tomorrow will be another busy day...

Happy Easter and may you feel the love of our Risen Saviour tomorrow and always.



  1. I love reading the blog today so much to catch up on. I love that you did those cupcakes for Julie you are such a great mum. The Lord will answer your prayers Kate I know it is hard to be patient but he will. Love you!

  2. I love the cupcakes! : )

    We do the sins nailed to the cross too. It is so sweet to read them (from the mouth of babes...).

    Thanks for sharing them!

    Love ya!

  3. I had a great time reading this post - you made me laugh so much, I had to clean my monitor!!

    I love the cross idea you did with your girls. I'm sure that helped them quite a lot!

  4. I love reading the blog today so much to catch up on. I love that you did those cupcakes for Julie you are such a great mum. The Lord will answer your prayers Kate I know it is hard to be patient but he will. Love you!