Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Recap

Hard to believe that Christmas is over with. I'm feeling a bit of the post Christmas blues, I think.

Christmas Eve we went to our church for the children's service which was set up as three live scenes leading up to the birth of Christ. Sam was going to be a shepherd and I was really looking forward to seeing him. He is very reserved and shy by nature, so the very fact that he was so excited to take part in the service blew me away. Ian was one of three guides that each led a group to each scene. Jordan lasted about thirty seconds before she freaked out and we had to leave so she wouldn't spoil the experience for everyone else. We ended up spending most of the service in the prayer room and I missed seeing Shepherd Sam.

Afterwards we went to my mother's for a delicious ham dinner. She gave each of the children new pjs and after Ian started a fire in the fireplace, we all gathered around to listen to Sam and Julie read T'was The Night Before Christmas. We headed home around 9:00.

Julie put out hot chocolate and sugar cookies for Santa, and left him a letter. We checked the Norad site to see where Santa was and hurriedly ran upstairs when I told them he was already in New Brunswick. Ian and I stayed up late to wrap the last few gifts for them.

Christmas morning came quickly. 6am in fact. Sam said he'd been awake since 5am! We all headed downstairs to see if Santa came. We couldn't wake Jordan so we opened our stockings while she slept. Finally she woke up and joined us. She caught on to the excitement of opening gifts in a hurry, let me tell you!

Julie was thrilled that Santa brought her the Hannah Montana PSP she asked for and Sam was over the moon with his Band Hero. I already blogged about MaryBeth, my new digital camera. Ian was looking forward to setting up his new surround sound system.

We headed over to my mom's for 9am, opened more gifts and then had a lovely breakfast. We came home just after lunch and I had a wonderful, leisurely nap until 4. At 5pm we were back at Mom's for a delicious turkey dinner. Mom baked a cake and Julie carried it out while we all say Happy Birthday to Jesus. So precious.

This morning was spent with Ian's parents. They arrived just after 10am and after opening gifts from them, we had a light lunch and they left just after 2pm. They head off to Myrtle Beach, SC tomorrow morning and won't be home until April 1st.

Ian and Julie braved the Boxing Day crowds while Sam, Jordan and I hung around the house. Sam is getting into blogging and asked me to help him set up his blog. Jordan kept herself busy by covering Willow with bandaids. That dog is so gentle, it amazes me.

We closed off our evening by gathering at the kitchen table for a light dinner and played a game together. So sweet.

Tomorrow will be a lazy day and we're all looking forward to that. Nowhere to go, no housework needs to be done. Just a slow day together.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas!



  1. Your Christmas sounds perfect! How wonderful to have your kids so involved, that is great. I love playing games with family - one of the best ways to spend time together!

  2. Oh I'm sorry you missed seeing Sam as a Shepherd! Sounds like you had a busy, but full Christmas:)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful christmas with family! Stinks you had to miss shepherd sam though. I bet he was the best shepherd out there ;)

  4. I am so pleased to hear you got a nice nap! You needed a nice nap!

    Now. No more tripping onto light bulbs and burning the tar out of your arms or anything. I hear that burns hurt or something. ;)

    Be blessed girl!


  5. Sounds delightful!! I like the day of doing nothing!! We had a pretty good weekend like that. Just a little toy organizing!

  6. What is the link to your BLOGFROG community? I only see the recent visitors widget and I can't find your community :o)

  7. What is the link to your BLOGFROG community? I only see the recent visitors widget and I can't find your community :o)