Wednesday, December 09, 2009



Winter officially arrived this morning.

To be honest with you, I was in denial that it was coming. I mean, just last night I was walking Willow wearing a fleece jacket and flip flops. Surely the weatherman (ahem...weatherperson) was lying to me about the pending snow storm.

And yet, this is what I woke up to this morning...

I just wanted to stay in bed. The thoughts of driving the children to school was too much. So...being the irresponsible cool mom that I am, I let them stay home with me.

I went out to shovel the driveway to discover that my neighbour had already been out to do his and had thrown some of his snow on my driveway, just like he would do last winter. It's going to be a long winter if he keeps this up. I'm praying for a spirit of goodwill. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

I had the worst hair day in the history of....well, my hair I guess. Seriously. I put it up in a ponytail because I needed to run errands tonight and didn't want to scare people with my 'fro, and it was too tight and now I have a headache.

I know. Poor me.

My head thanks you for your sympathy.

One of my errands was to go to the dollar store to pick up some little things for Girls Club tomorrow night. We're having a Mother/Daughter Christmas party and the girls earn "love bucks" through out the year and they can spend them on items we purchase and set up as a store. I had so much fun picking out stuff for them and while I was waiting in line to pay, I started searching through my black hole of a purse to discover that my bank card wasn't in there. It was in my other coat back at the house.


I had to leave everything there so now I have to go back tomorrow morning to start over again. I was so frustrated with myself that I had a boo-hoo in the parking lot.

Next stop was the grocery store to buy some fruit for my fruit platter, also for tomorrow night.

Do you know what I saw? You'll never guess in a month of Sundays so I'll just tell you.

A dude in shorts and a t-shirt.

Hello. Sub-zero weather with practically a blizzard going on outside and this guy thinks he's shopping in the Bahamas.

I tried to take a picture with my cell phone but he was just too fast for me.

I also need to make three dozen sugar cookies for tomorrow. Being that I need to re-visit the dollar store, prepare the fruit platter, and go to the church to set up tables & linens, I won't have time to bake as well.

So...I called on an old friend.

Pillsbury and I go way back.

I've never tried making them this way before, but the packaging boasts that they'll turn out "perfect every time!" Let's hope so.

And look at the expiry date...

It's my birthday!

Isn't that neat?

That's it for tonight. Over and out.



  1. I know what you mean, I didn't want to get up either!

    Hey, what's "love bucks?" You should blog about it???

  2. I would NOT be okay with my neighbor throwing his snow on my driveway! I hope Pillsbury comes through for you!

  3. I just love you! You alway bring a smile to my face! The snow is beautiful I cant believe they send kids to school in that.. around here the whole city shuts down for a couple of inches.. crazy huh?! Hope you are able to get all your stuff done today minus the stress.. talk to ya later on :)

    -your imaginary friend -

  4. Hey, pillsbury and I go way back too! We must be kindred spirits:)

  5. First, I am about to embark on my attempts to make sugar cookies and frost them a la those adorable little word cookies you made. Secondly, I would LOVE to wake up to a view like that. And most importantly, though your worst hair day in YOUR hair's history may have been bad, it doesn't touch my bad hair days that usually stretch into bad hair weeks. See, I shower and immediately put my wet hair into one of those sloppy wads on the back of my head (dumbed down version of a "bun" I guess) so I can nurse the girls who HATE wet hair (princesses.) and it just sorta stays there... sometimes for days... sometimes days later I pull it out and it's STILL wet underneath (does hair mold?) and better yet, it has formed a giant knot/tangle at the nape of my neck... so the next time I shower, rather than deal with combing it out (don't own one, actually... hm.) I just re-wad it and elastic-y thing-it. It's a perpetual cycle until I have a massive dreadlock hanging off the back of my head and I'm forced to comb it to find out of my favorite missing pen is hiding within. YIKES.

  6. I am so going to be you and not take my kids to school in the snow or maybe even rain!! I hate it! Yuck!

    And I would be making some pillsbury too! Ha! Forget it I would have bought a box of already made from the store and put them on a platter with some plastic wrap!!

  7. ok Kodos to you for NOT accidently throwing ALL your snow back on to the neighbors drive. =)

    and GIRL YOU ARE WAY braver than me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE snow but being stuck in Texas we never get it. =( feel free to send it all my way.


  8. Just remember to read the directions for cutouts... you have to add flour I think! (I forgot to do that, thats the only reason I say anything) Not that I would ever make sugar cookies not from scratch. ;)

    Have a great night!

  9. OH nooo i am running from this blog!!! I am a sugar cookie addict!!

    And about the hater post! yes i realize they changed my mood big time.. I was hurt and driven to prayer.. But greater is HE who is in me.. Thanks girl for you HUGS and words.. I am so grateful for all the great bloggy friends.. :)