Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Love Me A Wednesday

It's my favourite day of the week and I managed to make it to Coffee Break today to join up with the ladies in my bible study.

I dropped the children off at school (late), Ian at his office (late) and went to pick up my steeped tea and a timbit for Jordan.

I wonder why it's called 'steeped tea'. Isn't all tea steeped?

Some dude cut me off in the Tim Horton's drive through. I wanted to open my window to yell at him but I held back considering I was en route to my bible study after all. And surely, after cutting me off so brutally, he would pay for my tea and timbit, right?



I loved being with my friends this morning. Would you believe that before I even got my jacket off someone asked me for my cake ball recipe and if I brought any with me?

And another woman asked me if I was going to be making them as a business because if so she wants to buy some from me.

Say what?

Jordan was flirting with the garbage man today. I let her do it because a) it was cute and b) I don't want to buy tags for extra bags of garbage anymore. Maybe her cuteness will excuse us from the two-bag limit.

I am not above using the cuteness of my child to get what I want.

Ok, that's all I have time to talk about right now because I need to make 20 phone calls to the parents of the girls in Girls Club to tell them that our Christmas party is postponed until next week. And I need to walk the dog, change Jordan and be out the door in 15 minutes.

It could happen.

But likely not.

Catch ya later!



  1. Girl you must have rocked the socks off those cake balls?!? Maybe thats something I could try? Was it easy? alot of work? be honest.. you know I am no betty crocker my friend :)

  2. Too funny. I totally can relate. Someone cut my DH off RIGHT in front of church and they were going to the SAME church! Unbelievable! God Bless em, I guess :-)

  3. and your balls. Did you get away from the creep at the park safely?

  4. <3 Kate. <3 Balls. <3. I love me a Kate post when I'm feeling like crap!