Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Title Because I Am Too Tired To Think Of One

Well, I survived my trip to the mall yesterday. I arrived promptly at 9:27 and found a spot in the underground parking lot. I considered this to be a terrific sign of good things to come and great gift ideas to be found.

Was I productive? Yes, just not for my list. I picked up a few gifts for my mom so she wouldn't have to go to the malls, and I picked up a couple of things for Ian that he needed me to get.

Did I get ideas?


Wanna know what I got?




Why is everyone hurrying? Why is it that no one noticed when they ram into someone? What's the rush?

Where is the reason for the season? Where's Jesus?

Not in the mall, I can tell you that.

I'll try again tomorrow afternoon.

Ian and I watched The Office last night while he started wrapping some of the children's gifts. I'm glad that show is only 30 minutes long because I don't think I could have stayed awake any longer. Usually there are one or two lines that get me in The Office, and I'll laugh about them for awhile, but last night...oh last night...it was hilarious. Best.Show.Ever.

My mom came over this morning with coffee, tea and muffins and we hung out while watching the finale of Dancing With The Stars that I had taped for just such an occasion. We headed off to the airport at 11am to pick up my aunt who has come to spend the holidays with us. YAY!

I love going to the airport. Every time I'm there I get inspired to go somewhere and my mind gets going. But then I remember how much I hate to fly and the desire goes away.

Tonight is Julie's Christmas concert and she has one speaking part and one part where she "lip says" (I think she means lip-sync). She's so nervous. I'll try to get a picture of her.

Tomorrow morning is the Christmas party for Coffee Break. I am SO excited that my friend Jen will be coming. I haven't seen her in weeks. I need to decide what I'm bringing. I might whip up a batch of shortbread. Who doesn't like shortbread??

What are you baking this year? Care to share your favourite recipe? I'm looking for something new.

I'm off to blowdry Julie's hair and get her to get dressed for tonight. Wish her luck! ;-)



  1. What is the coffee break and how do I join!

    The people at the mall suck!!

  2. The same thing happened to me the day after Thanksgiving. Too many people, not good enough deals, too big of lines. I was gone three hours and came home with absolutely nothing. What a waste of time. I prefer to shop online.

    Good luck Julie, have fun!

  3. Who won Dancing With The Stars?? I forgot to keep following it haha... as for the office... I'm going to find that episode and watch it online. Either right now, or in the morning. Depends on if my hungry belly gets to be more powerful then my sleepy eyes.

  4. I found another reason to love you. The Office. Amazing.