Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jug vs Bag

Yesterday I was talking with some of my American friends about milk.

I posted about this topic back in January 2010. You can see that here.

When I'm in the US it always amazes me how milk is sold in jugs.

Take a look at that. How do they fit in the fridge? It seems to me that they would take up a lot of space in there. And what if you had a large family and needed a lot of milk?

I don't get it.

Now, here in Canada, we sell milk the proper way.

In bags.


Each bag holds three smaller bags that go into a pitcher. Snip the corner of the bag and pour. The pitcher is slim enough to fit in the fridge door to make room for more important things. Like food.

I guess that we Canadians are just a bit more streamlined in the milk department of life.




  1. So while the pitcher is in the fridge door where is the rest of the milk? Or do you put all three bags in the pitcher? Which seems difficult.

  2. where do you get the pitcher? does it come w/ the milk? does everyone have one? Still seems like milk coming out of a b00b to me! :) And what if it goes bad...can you feel the clumps? SICK!!

  3. Bags? I have never seen such a thing. Learn something new everyday. :)

  4. I wish I still had my "how to pour milk" video posted.

    And I've learned over the years that in most of the other provinces, Milk either comes in a jug or a carton.

    No bags - only in Ontario

  5. Weird. Either way it sits in my fridge I still hate milk :-)

  6. How weird! Does the pitcher have a lid so it doesn't slosh around and spill every time you open the door to the fridge? Actually, our milk jugs fit right on the shelf in my fridge door. It's great! And I can freeze it too, if I want to stock up! But we sell milk by the gallon, and when I was living at home, that would last us (family of 5) about a week. I buy by the 1/2 gallon and usually buy one jug per week for two of us....and I usually throw some out at the end of each week because I'm a stickler for milk expiration dates...

  7. we only buy a small carton that lasts us an entire week. No one in my family likes to drink milk! Its for cereal and baking only.

  8. Wow- so neat to see what other people do! I never knew that! :) We don't use jugs in our house but half gallon milk bottles because we get it from a local farm. So, two gallons a trip means I have four glass jars taking up space in my fridge.

  9. Where in Canada do you live?

    I'm in western Canada and we buy our milk in jugs or cartons not bags! I've never even seen them. How are they used?

    At the Farmer's market I pick it up in glass milk bottles.