Friday, November 11, 2011

Ramble, Ramble

I didn't get my act together this week to participate in Mama M's Five Question Friday this week. Sorry M!

Today was Matthew's check-up and his second round of vaccinations. I was hoping that my doctor could give me some advice on how to get Matthew to sleep through the night. He's now waking up almost hourly all night long and it's killing us. I've tried just about everything from swaddling to strict schedules, extra bottles and cereal before bedtime. Nothing is working and we're burning out. He wrote down a website to look at for some tips but I managed to forget the paper in his office so I had to go back for it, then I lost it somewhere between the car and the house.

Sleep deprived I tell you.

Little man now weighs 17lbs and Dr L said he was thriving and perfect. He seems to really like Matthew. I like that.

Yesterday I went with my mother to the hospital for a couple of tests. At a red light a guy motioned to us that our tire was low so we had to pull over at the next gas station. Neither of us knew a thing about pumping air so I went and asked a Pepsi delivery guy to help us. Ten minutes later we were on our way and I knew just about everything about the delivery guy. He told me his entire day's route, how many kids he had and their ages, where he vacationed last, his plans for the weekend, and what he was having for lunch that day.

He smelled very nice for someone who was delivering Pepsi all day.

Just sayin.

I do love learning about people.

While I was waiting for Mom in the waiting room I met a lovely woman who seemed very lonely. She told me her entire life's story, from her arrival to Canada, how her children grew up and moved away, how her husband died, how she is alone now. She talked and talked as though this was the first time in a long time that she had someone to listen to her. I wanted to get her number so I could call her from time to time but she was called in for her test and left quickly.

I really wanted to hug her. I have hugging issues, you know.

It snowed for exactly six minutes this morning.

Tonight was Family Movie Night and we watched Jimmy Neutron. This is one of my favourite movies and FINALLY we got to watch it after I was shot down for 8 million weeks in a row. I know every line for every character.

Apparently my children don't enjoy me quoting them throughout the movie.

Apparently it's "annoying" and "distracting".

Whatever. That'll show them for withholding my movie from me.

I felt as though I was getting a cold on Monday and Tuesday but it turned out to be nothing. Now tonight I am sneezing and sniffling.

Today Sam was the Faith Ambassador at the school assembly. He did a little sermon on the theme of conscience. He did a practice run last night and I was blown away. Julie said he was awesome today. I'm sure he was. He used to want to be a video game designer. Now? A youth pastor.

A youth pastor! I love it.

Motivation visited me today. I scrubbed my kitchen floor, windows, walls, baseboards and cupboards. I even cleaned out some drawers and got rid of some clutter. Go Me!

I'm sure more happened this week but for the life of me I can't remember. This weekend I'm hoping to get over to my Mama's to make a few batches of cake balls. Oh my they are delicious little treats. I've yet to have someone try them and not love them.

Julie is going to a sleepover tomorrow night. I'll miss her.

Ok, that's all I've got. See you on Sunday.


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  1. What a busy week you had! Sounds stressful yet lots of fun. Do you hire out and travel by the way!? Lol. I know a Texas home that could use some baseboard scrubbing. :) Sleep late tomorrow if u can. You deserve to!