Sunday, November 13, 2011

Counting Mine {61-75}

My heart feels different these days.


More peaceful.

I was emailing with a sweet friend of mine the other day and I told her that God is doing something to me. In me. I can feel it. I feel like He is reaching down into the pit I've been in and is gently lifting me out. He's meeting me where I am to get me. Me. It's overwhelming. Still, there is spiritual attack but I give it to the Lord and go forward. I'm living very much minute to minute these days. It's all I have the strength to do and I just sense that's what He wants for me right now.

As more and more is stripped away, I am seeing how much I truly have.

And I'm rich.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

61} funny or inspirational church signs
62} a fresh box of crayons
63} Christmas lights
64} watching my big kids walking together, heads bent close as they talk
65} driving my children to school
66} an open parking spot close to the store
67} inside jokes between Ian and me
68} the feeling of well being, no matter how fleeting
69} the scent of burning leaves
70} a wave from a neighbour
71} driving up to the drive-thru window to find that the previous car already paid for my order
72} warm strawberry rhubarb pie
73} a friend that reaches out in love
74} getting mail
75} the smell of turkey roasting in the oven

If you are counting your own blessings and blogging about them, will you leave me a comment with the link to your blog, or share them with me at I'd love to know how you are being blessed through this journey!

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  1. You are indeed extremely rich!! Keep looking to the positive =~} Until I lost my Sophie I didn't realize how rich I was either. I would now live in a cardboard box just to have her back and I would feel like a millionaire!! :) keep your eyes looking up and watch the joy explode in your life:)