Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Post Where I Talk About Random Pics I Took In Rochester

The thrill of handing over my brand spanking new passport to cross into the US a couple of weeks ago has not gone away. A trip to the US is always exciting for me.

It amazes me how differently things are done there. I don't understand why the same product is packaged differently, or why the US gets better snacks than we do.

More on the snack rip off shortly.

I took a bunch of pictures of random stuff and today I'm going to talk about them.

The money.

It all looks the same.


Canadian money is multi-coloured and pretty. See?

So pretty.

I feel compelled to point out that this is not my money. I wish.

One of the places I had to go while I was in Rochester NY was Target.

I love Target and word on the street is that it's coming to Canada in 2013.

Just one more reason to hope the world doesn't really end in 2012.

What's with the balls out front of Target?? Anyone? Anyone?

Does every Target have these out front? Is it decoration or something? They were distracting me.

And get a look at THIS:

Right there in the store. We can't buy beer in our stores here. We actually have to go to the beer store. Which is called...get ready... The Beer Store.

These huge cereal bags looked like bags of dog food.

Does anyone actually buy their cereal like this? Where do you store the bag??

And these were so cute!

Check this out.

I love yogurt. And I love m&ms. Together? HEAVEN.

Enough about that.


I am drooling. I love Reece's in any form and this dessert has my name all over it. Which is why I didn't buy it. Which I am now regretting. It's on my Christmas list.

And these... we buy these already made but I didn't know you could actually bake them yourself.

All this stuff that the US has that we don't. Maybe I'll just move there and bask in the goodness.




  1. I'm convinced there is a yogurt conspiracy. The US has the BEST yogurt ever. EVER. When we drive down to Florida, we always pack a few dozen of the fat-free yogurt to bring home. They have the best flavours and it doesn't tast fat-free at all. SIGH...I feel like if I lived a bit closer to the border I would make weekly yogurt trips. I'm currently craving the Publix fat-free lemon chiffon yogurt. It's like Florida in a cup.

  2. This post and the last one crack me up! Seriously milk in a bag? Who does that? ;)

    Yes, our money is boring. And yes, ass of this past year all of our Targets have those interesting ball decorations out front. My theory is it'll one day keep a crazy from deciding to drive their car into the store. Fry's now has some too although theirs are not red. Copycats.

    I wish the beer were only sold at the beer store. It would make it so much less accessible to the beer driven crazies out there.

    Only the cheap off brand cereal is sold in the bags. The expensive better tasting but still far to expensive unless it is on sale cereal is sold in boxes.

    And all those quick ready to make yummy goodness items? Well that's just so we can look good when we have guests over. :)

    I remember the first time you posted about milk bags. Cracked me up then too. But I guess if you put it in a pitcher then the results are the same. Even better if it takes up less space in the fridge!

  3. You have to go to a different store to by beer? What the what!?!?!?!

  4. I've gotta get goin' on those M&M's!!

  5. when we lived in pennsylvania we had to go to a beer store too.. it depends on the state you live in..

    anyway.. i'm actually commenting and i think it might actually work. we'll see!

    oh and that yogurt with the m&m's.. what the what!? YUM!