Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back To School

Well, here we are, back in our regular schedule. It feels as though we never left it.

On school days, Ian is always the first one up. Who am I kidding... the poor guy is ALWAYS the first one up! I called to wake up the children on my way to brush my teeth. When I came out, Sam was half dressed and excitedly making his bed. I commented on his unusual enthusiasm and as he threw open his curtains he replied "YES! The first day of school!"

Julie, however, was buried underneath her blankets. She's even less of a morning person than I am. A few more calls into her brought her downstairs in a bear of a mood.

Finally we were all packed up and ready to head off to my mom's because the children go to school in her area. After breakfast Ian took the traditional First Day Of School pics.

Sam, ready to start grade 4!

Julie ready to take on grade 2!

Both of them...

All together now!

Ian and I walked them to school, with Sam way ahead of us. I don't know if he was excited to be going to school or embarassed that not one, but both, of his parents were coming too. Maybe a little of both. I didn't even get a kiss goodbye. He went off so full of confidence.

Julie hung back and was fine until Ian asked a teacher where her class was so she could join them. I felt something tugging on my shirt and when I looked down, Jules had a handful of my shirt and was pulling me towards her. When I bent down she buried her head in my shoulder, crying quietly. Of course I felt my OWN tears starting, but I sucked it up and held off. Well, at least until all the children headed inside, then I started.

I know I still have Jordan going to school to look forward to (or dread!) but still, I feel sad that they are all growing so quickly. I love being a mother and having little people to take care of. Soon enough they won't need me for anything but to borrow money and to do their laundry.

Good luck with that!

I spent the day at my mom's talking her ear off. It was nice to spend some quiet, one on one time with her again.

Tonight is the premier of 90210. I am not even remotely ashamed to say I am excited about it. No one better call me between 8-10 because I won't answer!


  1. I'm not even remotely ashamed to say I didn't watch 90210!!! ;-)

    I'm glad the kids had a good first day and that you got to spend time with your mom!

  2. I hope Julie's day improved - it's so hard to send them off when they're upset!