Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Some But Not All

Man I`m tired tonight. I had a fairly busy day but looking back on it, I don`t think I finished a single thing I started.

I drove the children to school this morning and already the kiss-n-ride drama has started. I don`t know why its so hard for some people to adhere to the natural order of things. There is always some parent that thinks nothing of parking and then walking their child in to the school. Meanwhile, there are 15 cars stuck waiting for this one person. UGH. The volunteer was freaking out as per her usual style, waving her arms and panicking.

I am thinking about volunteering at the school and I`d love kiss-n-ride duty. No parking on my watch! Oh yes. I must put my name in for that. I`ll get to wear a bright vest with an X on it and carry a walkie-talkie.

Copy that!

From there I went to Tim Hortons to get a large steeped tea with double milk. Excellent as always.

I started a few chores but as I said, I didn`t get to finish any of them which is a little frustrating. Oh well. I did get some laundry done. Some dishes. Some gardening. Some straightening up. Oh well...tomorrow is another day.

It was so hot today. 30 degrees! I was roasting while gardening. Not the best day to do it, but Jules wanted to ride her bike and I didn`t want her outside alone. Apparently it was 7 degrees in Edmonton. Ha ha. Someone once told me West is best, East is least. Well apparently not today, my friend. Not today.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by 90210 last night. I loved the references to the old days and inside jokes from back in the day with lots of new drama to come. It`s much more risque and has harsher language which I don`t like though. I`m already looking forward to next week. Lame...I know.

Speaking of lame... I am really excited that tomorrow there is an exemption to the 2 bags of garbage rule. I will have more than 2 bags. I actually wandered through the house LOOKING for things to throw out, just so I could take part in this joyous occasion.

Well. That`s it for me. Over and out.


  1. You crack me up, Lady Kate - you really do! :D

  2. LOL - Picturing you directing traffic with your walkie talkie.... and getting so excited about trash day! Woohoo!

    Thanks for the smile, I needed that.