Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Do You Mean It's Wednesday Already?

Where is this week going?

Monday and Tuesday I was at my mom's and did tons of my laundry. Thanks to Mom, I was able to visit AND get some chores done! ;-)

Last night was Open House at the children's school and they were so proud to show us their classrooms. I always have the same questions for the teachers, year after year. 1) Are they on track and "getting" what is being taught, 2) are there any problems we should be aware of and 3) how are they doing with their peers. They are both where they should be so I'm pleased about that. I think Julie showed us every square inch of her classroom! I could probably slip in there tomorrow and be up to speed with the rest of the class. ;-)

This morning was my ladies Bible study. We had almost twice the number of women today than we did last week. It changed the dynamic considerably, but its still early in the study so I'm not going to stress about it. I love that I am able to take part in this and that I get to see my friend Jen every week.

After the study Jordan, Ian and I went to lunch together. We had a great talk about a couple of friendships in my life that I am struggling with. He has such a good heart and gives very loving and godly advice, helping me to see things in new and clearer ways.

Thank you, Ian.

After I picked the children up from school we headed to the park to fill in some time before we picked Ian up after work. Sam and Julie kicked off their shoes and socks, rolled up their jeans and headed into the creek to skip rocks and to look for tadpoles and minnows. Jordan enjoyed her very first swing ever. She loved it and I loved watching her as she swung with her eyes closed and her face turned towards the sun. She had such a beautiful smile on her face as I tried to imagine what she was feeling.

I had her try a sippy cup tonight and she knew exactly what to do with it and took to it right away. She loved being able to hold the handle by herself. She amazes me.

Believe it or not...she says "Mumma". I'm not kidding. Ian, my mother and Julie have all heard her say it. She will cry when I leave the room and say it clearly. She is BRILLIANT. Not even 6 months old.

I finally went grocery shopping tonight. I find this chore to be extremely relaxing and enjoyable. I went on my own so I was able to look at everything in my own time. Ian shops like it's an Olympic event and he needs to beat his last time. It drives me nuts. He will zip through the store and not forget a thing. Me? I could browse for hours and still manage to forget something.

My cashier was very dissatisfied with her life and I was the recipient of all of her complaints. I just smiled and made what I hoped were sympathetic sounds.

You would not believe how many people have called, texted, emailed and facebooked me (one from Africa!) to share the news that Clay is gay.

Thank you, my friends. Yes, you were all right and I was wrong.

I am not shocked by any means. What I am is disappointed. I am really disappointed. I won't pass judgement on him. That isn't for me - or anyone else - to do. We all have things we will have to account for when our Judgement Day comes. I am more concerned with my list than with Clay's.

I will still enjoy his music. I will still appreciate what he does in terms of serving others. It is my hope that he will continue to serve the Lord to the best of his ability, using the gifts that he was given.

I must admit that I am somewhat concerned with those who were completely obsessed with "outing" him. I hope they fill their new found freedom with something a little more productive.

Moving on...

Walmart is growing on me. Three Sundays in a row they have been giving out free samples. Week #1 was Kool-Aid singles. Week #2 was a roll of toilet paper. Week #3 was 2 free diapers. I am very curious to see what this Sunday will bring because I am all about free stuff.

I am really looking forward to the first weekend in October. Ian has booked a room for us at a hotel in Niagara Falls that has an indoor waterpark. We're really excited about that. We had such a great time when we were there last year.

That's all I have the energy for today.

Over and out.


  1. You have such beautiful and intelligent children! It's easy to see how much you enjoy them, too. :)

    I enjoy grocery shopping on my own as well - I don't get to do it often tho. That may be what makes it such a treat!

  2. You have such beautiful and intelligent children! It's easy to see how much you enjoy them, too. :)

    I enjoy grocery shopping on my own as well - I don't get to do it often tho. That may be what makes it such a treat!