Monday, September 01, 2008


Way to go, Jules!!!

She is so proud of herself! I am pretty proud too. She really wanted to be able to tell her friends at school that she learned how to ride a bike over the summer and now she can.

All the frustration and effort was worth it.

However, when Jordan gets to the age where she needs to learn, I will nominate Ian!

The children have packed their backpacks, laid out their clothes and shoes and had baths. They're so excited.

I forgot to buy new socks for them. :-( In my defense, I'm blonde and I have a lot of kids to distract me.

I'm just about to make their lunches then head up to bed. I always put a Hershey kiss and a hug in their lunches so that they know I'm thinking about them.

I'm going to miss my buddies tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations Julie!

    I hope they have a wonderful first day of school!

  2. FANTASTIC!! Congratulations Julie!

  3. Yay! Way to go Julie! Talk about accomplishing her goal in the nick of time, but she did it and that's what counts! (No falls yet?) Now that she's got the feeling and balance she'll do great!