Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good Day

Yet another exciting day in the life of Kate.

I walked the children to school this morning and Sam made me laugh all the way there with his impersonations of me and the things I say. According to my mother he is bang on. I had no idea I was so entertaining. I got a kiss from Sam this morning, but only after checking high and low and high again to make sure no one was looking. Julie on the other hand, had me walk her to her door and gave me a couple of hugs and kisses. I love that she hasn't given that up yet. I met Sam's teacher and she said she thinks she's going to love having him in her class because he is so funny. He really is, you know. I appreciate his humour.

After I walk the children to school I like to take a roundabout route back to my mom's so I can get some exercise and Jordan can get some fresh air. This morning was particularly exciting because I had stopped to take off my shoe to remove a small rock and a woman walking behind us caught up to us and stopped to look at Jordan and we started talking. We ended up slowly walking along together, talking about our children and life in general. We discovered that we are both Christians and then that led to another whole discussion about serving Him and gifts and blessings. We probably talked for about a half an hour before we parted ways. I hope I see her again. I forgot her name pretty much instantly because I'm kind of lame that way. Someone could tell me their name and it may not even register. In my defense, I have baby-brain still and I was excited to meet a new friend.

The truth is, if you were to stand next to me at the grocery store longer than three minutes I will make friends with you. I am friendly that way. Or really creepy, depending on how you look at it.

I had to ground Julie today. I know... mean mommy. Hear me out before you decide just how mean I am!

We have a rule that the children cannot ride their bikes between 5-7 pm. The reason for that is that people are coming home from work, there are a lot of cars on the road and we don't want them to be run over. Sam accepts this as the rule and doesn't fight us. The Princess balks at any type of rule and will test us at every opportunity. Tonight was no different. Sam came in at 5:30 to tell me that Julie was riding *J*'s bike. I asked him to please tell her I wanted to speak with her.

She did not come in.

At 5:50 Sam called in that now Julie was riding *T*'s bike. I was in the middle of washing a sink full of dishes so I asked him to please send her in. This time she came.

I asked her if it was true that she was riding *J* and *T*'s bikes and she said yes. I asked if she was allowed to ride between 5-7 pm and she said no. I asked her what time it was and she said "I guess it's between 5-7 because your face looks like I'm in trouble".

Sigh. I HATE having to punish my children.

I told her that obviously she was aware that she knowingly broke our rule and therefore was not allowed to ride her bike for the remainder of today or all day tomorrow. She could have her bike back on Saturday. Then I asked her to please put her bike away.

While she was doing this I heard her speaking really rudely to Sam, like he was garbage. I was getting very cross listening to it and when she came into the living room I asked her who she was speaking to like that and she said "SAM!" I asked why she was speaking like that and she said she was frustrated with him because he told on her. She JUST got in trouble only yesterday for speaking to him like crap and here she was doing it again!

So... she ended up being grounded for the night, and was allowed to come out of her room for dinner only. I hate being a hard-ass.

Tonight I went out with Cindy which is always a fun and refreshing time. I know I've said it before, but Cindy is such a blessing to me. Instead of walking around Chinguacousy park we decided to walk around Loafers Lake instead. Its funny...neither of us wanted to walk tonight but thought the other did, so rather than letting the other down, we did the walk anyway. I'm glad we did though. I think we are improving on our speed too which is good.

Afterwards we went to Wendy's/Tim Hortons and talked for awhile. The girls behind the counter are always so nice to us and make excellent Frostys. I think they add extra M&Ms to ours because we're such nice people. ;-)

Ian is away on a retreat with the youth group this weekend, leaving tomorrow night and home on Sunday. He is one of the new youth group leaders and will be giving a sermon on Saturday night. I wish I could hear it first hand but I know he will be great. He has such a way with kids it's unbelievable. Me? Not so much...

So, tomorrow night the children and I will put on our pjs, eat pizza and popcorn while watching movies in my bed and have a "sleepover". Not sure what we'll do on Saturday...


  1. I hard laying down the law, but you only do it because you love her! Hugs to you!

    I hope you run into your new friend again soon...and learn her name. :) You two really seemed to hit it off!

  2. It is hard to punish, but in the long run, it is a good thing.

  3. You mean, mean mommy! We don't have rules about talking mean to siblings in THIS household!

    So basically - you go walking and burn a couple hundred calories so that you can stop at Wendy's and have a frosty with extra M&M's?? LOL You are too funny. Just being able to spend time walking and talking to your friend though is probably really fun.

    I would love to hear Sam's impressions of you - I bet he is really funny.

    Sound like you're going to have a great "sleep over" tonight! Enjoy!