Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Jordan!

How is it that my little baby is now 6 months old?? Where have these months gone?

She is sitting by herself for short periods and loves the view. She is no longer content to lie down - she wants to be sitting up so she doesn't miss a thing. She's a big cuddler and has become much more comfortable with "strangers" holding her, just as long as she can still see me.

She loves all of the vegetables I've given her so far: creamed corn, peas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and waxed beans. She's not so hot on fruits though. And she loves arrowroot cookies.

Her sleep schedule is still an issue. She will wake several times a night looking for her pacifier and then a bottle around 5am. She's cutting two bottom teeth at the same time so I'm sure that once they break through we'll all be sleeping a bit better.

I don't know what was up with her today but she kept bursting into laughter. I loved it. She has such an adorable laugh.

In other news, I had to take Julie to the walk-in clinic tonight and we waited for over an hour to see a doctor. She has a bladder infection and it just breaks my heart how much pain she is in. I hope her prescription kicks in soon. Poor thing. The doctor that saw her looked like Jack Shepherd from LOST. Sigh. I miss LOST.

Today's Dr Phil has me riled up a little bit today. A mother allowed her 9 yr old son to ride the subway ALONE in New York City because "kids need more freedom these days". There were 357 "level 2 or 3" child molesters within a one mile radius of the route this child took, according to his research, but she was ok with that. I am all for allowing children some age appropriate freedoms, but this isn't the world that I grew up in and I can't pretend that it is. Life is different now and nowhere near as safe. I just shake my head at this type of careless parenting.

On the other end of the spectrum is a "helicopter mom" who spies on her daughter, following her around everywhere incognito, grilling her boyfriends, calling her cell phone constantly to check up on her. FREAKY. Dr Phil says she is crippling her daughter.

I am HOPING I fall somewhere in between... I've really stepped out of my comfort zone with the children this year, by allowing them to play outside on the street alone. Well, alone as in not with me out there. They've made tons of friends and love that they are trusted enough to do this. Meanwhile... I am nervously biting my nails and watching the seconds tick away until they have to check in. Ok.. maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.

I'm very excited that Desperate Housewives and The Amazing Race have started. The only thing missing is LOST and that doesn't come back on until January I think. I end up taping all of these shows and watching them when I'm on my own, commercial free. Love it.

Well... it's going to be a busy week. Wednesday night my house group starts up (yay!), Thursday night the Lifesavers Girls Group starts and I'm hoping to see a movie with Mom afterwards, Friday is Family Night and Saturday/Sunday we'll be at the indoor waterpark in Niagara. Busy busy!


  1. well happy 1/2 bday jordan. you keep getting cuter!
    poor julie, hope she is feeling better soon....but a LOST look a like Dr. ....whooot! can't wait till it's back on again. what'd you think of DH on sunday? yowsers eh?
    sounds like you've got a busy few days...enjoy :)

  2. I see the Dr. visit with Julie. I feel for her after all those issues Nolan had last year. OUCH! Hope the meds work quickly.

    Happy 1/2 Birthday again to Jordon - those pictures are so precious! She is a doll!

    Love Amazing Race - missed the DH debut, I'll have to watch it online and catch up. I also like Survivor and Biggest Loser! Hip Hip Hurrah for a new season of TV! LOL
    (I do the same thing - - TiVo and watch later commercial free!)

  3. It's hard to let our children grow up, but you and Ian are doing a wonderful job!!!


  4. It's hard to let our children grow up, but you and Ian are doing a wonderful job!!!