Friday, September 05, 2008


I have to laugh at some of the comments I get on this blog.

Karin commented on my last entry about how I would walk and burn off a couple hundred calories then eat go and eatg a Frosty.

Karin, Karin, Karin... one negates the other. Cancels them right out. Therefore, said Frosty is a freebie. :-) See how it works?

Feel free to adopt this method, I don't mind.

As for Sam's impressions of me... Apparently he gets quite a kick out of some of the things I say. Obviously I can't relay tone here, so I'll just post his favourite things that I say.

1) "JULIE!! Stop SPEAKING to him that way!" Said in frustration at the grocery store after listening to Julie talk to Sam like he was dirt.

2) "SAMUEL! Stop making so much bleepin' noise!" Said while trying to get the children to put their shoes on for school while they are horsing around.

3) "Julie....not another word...." This one is usually said at least twice while having breakfast at my mother's on any given school day. Sam especially likes how seriously I say it, and that my voice lowers. He says its funny when I try to sound serious.

4) "Oh my back is killing me...I'm trying not to complain" Said a few times in the last month of my pregnancy.

5) "HONESTLY GUYS!" Said whenever I am frustrated.

Again, hard to convey tone, but if you've ever heard me speak I am sure you can imagine what these sound like.

Today I went to the hospital to visit a woman from my church who had surgery this week. I was so pleased to hear that it was a success and she can move forward. I've mentioned before that I suck at small talk, so this poor woman was subjected to my ramblings. Turns out that she worked with my mother about 30 years ago and still remembers her. Small world.

Sam wasn't impressed that I went to the hospital without him. He and I had a grand old time eating crushed ice when I was there after having Jordan. We've often commented that - aside from having Jordan of course - the ice machine was the best part of being in the hospital, and that we miss that ice.

Wow. That sounds really lame to even type that out. We miss the crushed ice from the local hospital.

Oh well. It's true.

I actually thought of stopping to get some and just happily eating it on the way to the car, but then it felt like I would be cheating on Sam or something. So I didn't. Well... and because of the big "Patients Only" sign on the kitchenette door.

Ian left for the youth retreat this evening. We dropped him off at the church just before 6 and hung around talking for a bit while the kids arrived. There were about 40 kids going from grades 6-12. They were all so pumped to go.

We picked up a pizza on our way home and instead of watching a movie we watched all of the Disney Channel Games. The Jonas Brothers were on it and Julie was telling me all of the things she has in common with Nick Jonas. I guess it's over between her and Orlando Bloom.

I suppose I should get my little ones into bed...

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