Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bit Of This, Bit Of That

Even though I was dreading turning 38, I really enjoyed my birthday. I didn't do much of anything which was pretty sweet. Gotta love a day like that. Ian picked up dinner and an ice cream cake for dessert. I was worried about breaking from my "lifestyle change" (eventually I'm going to call it a diet, you know I am) and having too much dessert, so Ian bought a cupcake sized cheesecake just for me. Awesome. It was the best cheesecake I can remember ever eating. During dinner Cindy and Jen dropped by with balloons and gifts for me. I was so touched that they would do that. I love those ladies so much.

Please direct your eyes to my weight loss ticker above...9 lbs gone, my friends. One more to go until I reach my first goal. We were trying to explain to Sam what 10 lbs feels like, so Ian had him hold our 10 lb bag of potatoes. Then he was pretty impressed! I held it too, and while I know I've lost that weight, it didn't feel entirely real until I held that bag.

20 lbs...here I come.

The children have been very interested in the blanket that I am crocheting for my mother. Ian bought them their own crochet hooks and wool so they can do it too. It's so cute to see them concentrating so hard on their projects. Sam is working on a blanket and Julie is making a scarf. It's nice to see them doing something other than watching tv or playing video games, and I love having that special time together.

Poor Jordan had a rough night last night. She has this really bad cough that almost sounds like croup but isn't. Ian was up with her quite a bit during the night. She was better today but had a runny nose and I was forever wiping it. Glory, I can't stand to see a child with a runny nose!

I watched the inauguration today and while I get that it was a historical event, all I could think of was all the money that has been spent on this while the global economy is in such danger. Such excess! While I was not originally an Obama supporter being the die-hard conservative that I am, I do get a good feeling from him, and he seems ready to take charge of that country after the mess Bush has left it in. I appreciated the references to God and that he quoted from the Bible. Too bad he stands for things I just can't swallow.

Meanwhile, we Canadians breathlessly await (dread) what our own mess of a government will come up with at the end of this month.

Today I got a lovely surprise in the mail from Amanda. She sent me a beautiful necklace for my birthday. I love it. Thank you again, my dear friend.

I went to Costco with Cindy tonight and we spent an odd amount of time looking at all the things we would like to eat if we weren't on a diet. (There..I said it...DIEt...)

Tomorrow is Coffee Hour and I am seriously considering strapping on my new pedometer and walking to the church. I am strangely interested (obsessed?) in knowing how many steps it would take to get there. Of course it is below freezing so my curiosity may very well go unfulfilled.

Tomorrow night Cindy and I are going to Jen's to help her pack up her apartment. I don't know how much work we're going to get done...we tend to talk. A lot... I love Jen enough that I will voluntarily miss the season premiere of LOST.

Thank goodness for PVR.


  1. wow 9 lbs already! Way to shrink lady!! I'm glad you "love" the necklace.

  2. Good for you on losing 9 lbs. That is a huge accomplishment. Glad that you had a relaxing birthday, that is always nice to have.

  3. Anonymous3:41 p.m.

    WOO-HOO! 9lbs! but yeah it is strange how they would spend so much money on the inauguration while we are in an economic crisis! <><