Friday, January 16, 2009

Drive-by Update

I can't believe that this week has passed so quickly. I'm tired (as usual) so I'll just post in bullet form.

~ I went to see The Unborn with Nadine, Jen, Cindy and Stacey on Tuesday night and it was pretty lame. I did scream, and every time I screamed, Nadine would jump. Good times.

~ Coffee Hour was excellent. Jen brought her baby and he's BEAUTIFUL! I held him twice. It was the first time I have ever held another person's baby and didn't feel that longing for another. Jordan has completed our family. I was able to just enjoy it and that felt so good.

~ I tried taking a picture of the dude that parks in the kiss-n-ride but he saw me and started running towards me, so I drove off. Yep, I'm tough that way.

~ Thursday I went mattress shopping with Mom. We were in and out in 15 minutes and her new mattress will arrive at her house tomorrow. Sweet.

~ Girl's Club was awesome. We're teaching the girls the Fruit of the Spirit, and after a very lively devotion, we headed down to the church kitchen for the girls to make fruit kabobs. In order to get started they each had to tell us one fruit of the spirit. Lots of hugs from my girls...and one from *M* that I've mentioned before. She is really opening up to me.

~ It is absolutely freezing here at -20. Apparently its +7 in Edmonton. There is something very wrong when Edmonton is warmer than Toronto.

~ Ian is away at Avalanche this weekend. It's a retreat for the JR High kids held up in Muskoka, and 600+ kids from various churches go. I think it's -48 there. MUCH too cold for my taste. The kids and I drove him to the church and stayed until their bus arrived. Julie had such a hard time saying goodbye and had a few tears. We picked up McD's (a Caesar salad with grilled chicken for moi) on our way home and we're camping out in the livingroom watching movies until we fall asleep.

10:00 pm...Jordan is out...I am ready to drop...Sam and Julie don't look even remotely tired... going to be a long night!


  1. I hope that the new mattress will help your mom's back.


  2. I can't even imagine how cold it is there. Wow. I say, stay in side where it is nice and warm!

  3. Anonymous10:19 p.m.

    YOU DO GIRLS'S CLUB? -LOVE IT!- i have thought about becoming a leader at my chruch when i'm older.
    wow! it is soo cold up there! down where i live it's in the 40's to the 70's or 80's.
    i like your new pics. Sam is so cute! Julie and Jordan are beautiful! (i cannot get over how pretty Julie is!) <><