Sunday, January 18, 2009

End Of The Weekend...

Its Sunday and I managed to keep all the kids alive and the house intact for Ian's return home this afternoon from his retreat.

Friday night was a late one... Sam was the winner, staying up until just after midnight. We all - including Jordan - slept in until 8:30! We puttered around until it was time to start getting Julie ready for soccer. She didn't want to play yesterday because her Daddy wasn't there to watch her, which set off another flood of tears because she missed him so much. So.. we decided to meet up with Cindy to see "Hotel For Dogs" at the theatre. The children loved it and Jordan slept through most of it.

Afterwards we headed over to my mom's for my pre-birthday dinner. I was a little worried about what was going to be served because I am on the Atkins plan, and I can only have 20 grams of carbs a day and am considerably restricted in what I can eat.

I shouldn't have worried because my most excellent mother had it all in hand. My sister cooked a ham with veggies and potatoes, and Mom made a salad. For dessert she made jello and stuck candles in it...

Way to go Mom! I didn't have to go off-plan at all! I was so appreciative that she took that into consideration for me.

Last night we stayed up watching Shrek 3 until just before midnight then crashed. We all woke up around 9:20. Sweet.

I was very excited to step on the scale this morning and to see another loss. I can't believe that 8 lbs are gone...hopefully forever. Very exciting. The only "cheat" I had this week was a breath mint... not bad Kate.

Before anyone floods my comment section or email with caution about the Atkins method of weight loss, please know that I have done this before with success, and it is perfectly healthy if done properly. Everyone seems to know someone with a bad story to tell about this method. It is the only one that works for me and so I will stick with it for as long as I can. I highly recommend it.

Poor Jordan is sick again. She started getting warm while we were at my mom's and it progressed very quickly. Mom tried to give her Tempra twice but both times she immediately threw it up. Her whole little body was so hot and her face so flushed. She slept fitfully during the night and at one point her breathing got very laboured and I was starting to get nervous. We have an AngelCare monitor hooked up under her mattress and that gives me great comfort. If she were to stop breathing for any reason for longer than 20 seconds an alarm would sound. I put on jeans and a t-shirt just in case I needed to take her somewhere,that's how worried I was...However, she is now sitting in her highchair eating Cheerios. She can't breathe through her nose at all and looks so funny, breathing like a neanderthal. However, as always, she is quick to smile.

I am working on something for my mother. I'm crocheting her a blanket, and every time I work on it I pray for her. She loves to sit in her chair in her room to read or watch tv, and I can envision her sitting with this prayer blanket over her lap, knowing she is loved. This will be a challenge for me because I have a history of unfinished craft projects. It's a great time for me to spend talking to the Lord, quietly and undisturbed.

Well the princess is calling, so I'll wrap this up for now.


  1. Hey Kate! Thanks for popping into my blog! I love that we are sharing a name! How funny is it that we are both in Ontario!!! Small world! It was fun reading about your lovely family and your life! Good luck with the weight loss thing- I really should be doing that right now too, but I am just not feeling it right now!
    All the best!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss Kate!

    Happy Birthday!