Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Well, word on the street is that some of you are having problems leaving comments on my posts. I don't know what is happening with blogger lately. I was having trouble leaving comments on other blogs as well, and someone told me it has something to do with being logged into google all the time. Or something. I wasn't really paying attention.

You know what makes me sad? Getting a great comment and not being able to reply to it because the commenter doesn't have an email address attached to their blogger profile. I love replying to comments people leave me because I always have something to say.

Today I had to explain to Jordan that her nose is not like a pocket and to please stop putting things in there. I actually had to do some recon work and go in to retrieve something she'd put in there. Picking someone else's nose is not on my top ten list of favourite things to do.

Today it was my turn to bring the snacks to my Wednesday morning Bible study. Ian picked up a lemon poppy seed coffee cake which my favourite. I was secretly hoping that no one would eat it and I could bring it home. Much to my happiness I was able to bring a lot of it home with me, and I've eaten too much of it. Apparently I won't be happy until it's all in my stomach. But then I'll be sad. Oh the drama of a simple coffee cake.

My laptop battery is dead and so is the power cord I need to recharge it. I haven't been able to tour the world via Google Earth lately and that's sad. I like looking at small towns and then going to to see the price of real estate for that area. I've found a lovely house in Texas, one in Goderich, Ontario and another one in Montreal, Quebec. It's a weird little addiction I have.

Another one of my addictions? Pretty much anything on TLC. Sister Wives, Extreme Couponing, Hoarders....

Oh my, Hoarders. I think my neighbours must think we're massive hoarders considering all the garbage we put out during the two exemption weeks we had this month.

I had great plans of having an afternoon nap today but Matthew wasn't having any of it. He sat on my lap smiling and laughing at me for ages. According to him I'm a pretty funny gal.

I haven't been able to sleep these last couple of nights. Usually I could sleep through a hurricane with a tornado on the side, but not this week. Hopefully I'll rest well tonight.

Ian has this love affair going on with air fresheners. I can't stand them but he LOVES them. And I love him, so I put up with them as best as I can. All that to say, I need to wrap this post up because the latest one he bought sprays its scent at certain times, and it just went off and I'm seeing double.

Nighty nite!



  1. I had to switch to disqus because of the same problem :(

  2. Comments- you just need to uncheck that box that says "stay logged in". I had that problem too.